There is little doubt about the demand for the Benarasi sarees in the traditional saree retailers in Kolkata among Indian ladies from different cultures. The saree is very popular among all age groups.


Here are the reasons why they are popular


Distinct designs

Benarasi sarees are recognised for their gorgeous look and designs, which have a timeless, vintage beauty that is appealing to everyone, especially Indians. The saree appears rich and sophisticated as it blends several techniques used. These techniques include zari work, tanchoi, jal, etc.

Superior silk and traditional craftsmanship

The finest silk, valued for its softness and shine, makes Benarasi silk sarees. They are made by skilled craftspeople who have inherited the old methods from their forefathers. These weavers are unique because they weave the saree with care and devotion.

Bright Colours

More modern colours, like the pastels in the collection of traditional saree showrooms in Kolkata, join traditional reds and gold. In addition to providing the fabric with in-depth texture, the vibrant, captivating, and beautiful colours give Benarasi sarees a feel of royalty and elegance.

Flexibility and cosiness

Benarasi silk sarees are adaptable and suitable for various occasions, including social gatherings and formal occasions. They are easy to wear, drape, and style in various ways. For example, a lightweight organza saree is fine for brunch with friends, but a real silk saree can be ideal for ceremonial and bridal purposes.

Unending combinations

The incredible variety of textiles available for benarasi sarees in traditional saree shop in Kolkata is a major factor in their timeless appeal. However the silk variety woven in the North Indian city of Varanasi is typically considered true benarasi sarees. The other fabrics such as zari, organza, silk, and georgette exquisitely highlight the extravagant nature of the distinctive benarasi embroidery.

An endless legacy

Benarasi sarees are associated with a rich cultural legacy. They are regarded as one of the best and oldest weaves in the nation and represent the rich history and customs of the area. And having one is similar to having the aspect of history. In addition to being a fashion statement, they serve as the link to the area’s history and cultural identity.

Among the many ancient Indian weaves, benarasi sarees are unmatched in their elegance and beauty, making them truly unique. They hold a prominent position in our subcontinent’s cultural map as well as in the wardrobes of the majority of women. They are an essential addition to the wardrobe and a wise investment. So, visit Mrinayani M.P.Govt. Emporium to explore the beauty of the Benarasi saree.