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Run by M.P Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. – an undertaking of the Madhya Pradesh Government, Mrignayni M.P. Govt. Emporium in Kolkata echoes the heartbeat of Madhya Pradesh- its craft, art and culture. Not only are we one of the leading handicraft items retailers in Kolkata, but our organisation is even devoted to the growth of small-scale cottage industries of the State. Each of our handcrafted products depicts the lives, folklore and culture of M.P.’s citizens. By retaining the inherent fundamentals of M.P.’s heritage, our products are strategically designed to suit the preferences of today’s customers. Ever since our inception in 1986, Mrignayni M.P. Govt. Emporium in Kolkata is working with thousands of craftsmen to develop authentic handicraft products for our huge clientele. Our products are widely acknowledged in terms of their uniqueness and high-quality. Visitors to our handicraft items shop get enlightened by Madhya Pradesh’s rich heritage, craft and art forms through our exemplary in-store experience.

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India is known for its unique, beautiful and traditional handicraft masterpieces which are crafted from a wide range of materials by using detailed motifs along with modern techniques, and Madhya Pradesh is no exception to this. Be it traditional metalware like dokra, natural fibre like jute craft or pottery like terracotta and ceramic, our country boasts of a wide array of handicraft products. From brass and bronze to kolhapuri and bamboo crafts, customers today have a wide collection of heritage products to choose from.

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The traditional art craft of the states of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal, dokra is one of the most popular handicraft items today. It is a metal that is fabricated with an alloy of nickel, brass and zinc by using the hollow-casting and lost-wax casting techniques. At our handicraft items showroom, we boast of a wide collection of dokra items to help our customers have a unique piece of artistic work.

Terracotta items are in demand all over the world for their intricacy and beauty. This clay-like earthenware can either be glazed or unglazed. Terracotta is usually used for making vessels, bricks, flower pots and figurines. Our distinct variety of terracotta products can help you have an outstanding piece of Madhya Pradesh.
White Metal
Our varied range of white metal handicrafts is intricately designed by diligent craftsmen to give the ideal finishing which can add to the beauty of your interiors. Each of our pieces is timeless, long lasting and competitively priced.

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A team of cultural heritage specialists with years of expertise in crafting the best handicraft items.
A wide assortment of exemplary handicraft items to choose from.
Vast experience which bespeaks the track record of our success.
High-quality handcrafted products priced at competitive rates.
100% guaranteed satisfaction on all our handcrafted products.
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