Choosing the perfect saree that complements your body type is essential for looking and feeling confident on any occasion. Experts from Mrignayani, one of the top sellers of handloom saree in Kolkata list down various guidelines to follow while choosing the right saree for yourself- 

1. Consider Your Body Shape –

  • Hourglass– If you have balanced proportions with a defined waist, opt for sarees that accentuate your curves like silk or chiffon sarees.
  • Apple-shaped– Choose fabrics like georgette or chiffon that drape well and create a slimmer look. A well-fitted blouse and a slightly longer pallu can also help balance your silhouette.
  • Pear-shaped– Go for sarees with lighter fabrics and simple borders to avoid adding extra volume to your lower body. Experiment with different draping styles to draw attention upward.
  • Rectangle-shaped– Sarees with bold prints, heavy borders, and textures like Kanjeevaram or Banarasi silk can add curves and enhance your waistline.

2. Fabric and Texture

  • Silk– Ideal for formal occasions, silk sarees like Kanjeevaram or Tussar offer a rich texture and elegant drape.
  • Chiffon– Lightweight and flowing, chiffon sarees are great for a slimming effect and comfort.
  • Cotton-Perfect for casual or daytime events, cotton sarees are breathable and come in a variety of prints and textures.

3. Color and Print

  • Dark Colors-Dark shades like navy, maroon, or emerald green are flattering and slimming.
  • Prints-Choose prints and patterns that complement your body shape. Vertical stripes or small prints can create an elongating effect, while bold motifs can add dimension to your body.

4. Blouse Design

  • Neckline– Select a neckline that suits your face shape and enhances your features.
  • Sleeves-Choose sleeve lengths based on your comfort and the occasion. Cap sleeves or three-quarter sleeves are versatile options.

5. Draping Style

  • Pallu Length– Longer pallus can add drama and elegance, while shorter pallus are practical for busy events.
  • Pleats-Neatly pleated sarees can streamline your silhouette, while loosely draped sarees offer a relaxed and casual look.

6. Occasion and Season

  • Event– For formal events, choose plain sarees while selecting embellished sarees with intricate work for weddings or parties.
  • Casual Wear– Choose lightweight fabrics and simpler designs for daily wear or informal gatherings.
  • Season-Consider the weather when selecting the fabric. Light fabrics like chiffon or georgette are ideal for summer, while silk or cotton blends are suitable for cooler months.

Remember, the perfect saree is not just about trends but about how it makes you feel. Confidence and comfort are key when selecting your desired attire. Experiment with different styles from a vast collection of Mrignayani, the best seller in the category of handloom saree in Kolkata.