The allure of the kosa saree is unmatched. This loom’s soft shimmer, earthy elegance and rich heritage make it one of the most treasured garments in any Indian wardrobe. But with so many available options, choosing the right kosa saree can feel overwhelming.

When you contact reputable Kosa saree retailers in Kolkata, remember some points that will further assist you in navigating the world of Kosa sarees and help you pick the perfect piece for your choice and occasion.

Finding a Perfect Kosa Saree- Factors to Remember

1. Know the Different Types of Kosa Sarees

Firstly, you need to know the different types of Kosa sarees available. Pure kosa sarees, also known as wild silk, come from the cocoons of moths that feed on certain plants.

Pure kosa has a natural beige or cream colour with a subtle sheen on the surface. However, Kosa sarees are often mixed with silk or cotton to obtain the best clarity. These blends are available in different colours and at different prices.

2. Feel the Fabric

Next time you visit a Kosa saree showroom, you must touch the fabric and feel the quality. Run your fingers across the saree. It should feel smooth and supple, with a slight texture. Avoid buying sarees that feel hard or rough on the hands.

3. Embrace the Sheen of Kosa

Unlike sarees with a flashier sheen, like mulberry silk, kosa has an understated lustre. Its sarees have a warm and healthy glow. The subtle elegance of this pure kosa variety is its hallmark.

4. Consider the Weight

Kosa sarees come in different weights, making them perfect for various events. The lightweight kosa saree is best for warmer months and can be draped easily. On the other hand, heavier sarees are for formal events and are suitable for special events.

5. Finding the Right Colour

Natural and undyed kosa provide a timeless charm. But the beauty of this saree lies in its versatile colours. This fabric absorbs dye quickly, providing a wide spectrum of colours ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Choose the colour that complements your complexion and personality.

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