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Maheshwari Saree Retailers In Kolkata

If you are looking for Maheshwari saree retailers in Kolkata who can help you bring out a distinct traditional style, look no further than Mrignayni Emporium in Kolkata, an undertaking of the Madhya Pradesh Government. Our maheshwari sarees are known for their magnificent quality and high comfortability. Ever since our establishment in 1986, our skilled craftsmen have been bringing out some excellent artwork of pure silk and cotton fabric woven with brocade or Zari work in diverse designs. At Mrignayni Emporium, we offer sarees which are extravagant, luxurious and yet cherish the age-old tradition of Madhya Pradesh. Our team of specialists weave these sarees by using cotton and silk fibres which are embroidered with golden Zari motifs. The ‘pallus’ are principally distinctive due to their reversible borders and five stripes. What makes our handloom saree shop stand out from other retailers is that not only can our sarees be worn on either side, but they are even available in sheer texture and vibrant colours.

Few Varieties Of Maheshwari Sarees Offered By Us

Varieties of Our Maheshwari Sarees

The elegance of our sarees at Mrignayni Emporium in Kolkata is that every saree under this particular style has got a name of its own to mark its uniqueness. Each of our traditional sarees is an unrivalled blend of fashion and tradition. Either they have checks and stripes in variations all over the saree or they are plain in the middle with elegantly designed borders. Our sarees are admired by women from various spheres of life for their premium quality, comfortability and exquisite look.

Our skilled experts use motifs which are inspired by the grandeur and magnificent designs of the forts in Madhya Pradesh. Our wide assortment of sarees can be chiefly categorised into 5 varieties. These include- Chandratara, Chandrakala, Beli, Baingani Chandrakala and Parbi. While Chandrakala and Baingani Chandrakala are sarees of the plain variety, Beli, Chandratara and Parbi belong to the checked or striped kind. No matter whichever variety you choose from our maheshwari sarees showroom, be assured of a classy, graceful and elegant look.

Our Designer Maheshwari Sarees
Our maheshwari sarees are weaved with intricate designs, premium fabric, striking Zari motifs, floral borders, checks, stripes to give you a classic and graceful look. Our team of creative and skilled craftsmen use exquisite designs of bunti, laheriya, jaal and parcha, which is all that you need for an elegant style quotient. Our designers conduct great research about the present fashion trends and put it into practice by designing exclusive sarees. With us by your side, be assured of availing nothing but the best.

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