Due to the expansion of the textile industry, power loom and mill-made sarees have posed a serious threat to handloom saree sales. However, the advantages of handloom saree retailers in Kolkata must be considered. The following are some benefits of purchasing a handwoven saree:


Elegant and Unique Design

The pattern and design of every handloom saree is unique. The dedication and creativity of the skilled weaver are seen in every interaction and the dedication of their work. The colours used in the sarees are made of natural dyes, and the patterns in the design of the sarees are inspired by nature. The elegant and timeless look and feel in the handloom saree is unmatched.


Longevity and Durability

The weavers take great care and precision of the high quality of the material from which the handloom sarees are made. This results in the durability and long-lastingness of the handwoven sarees. The handloom sarees of the handloom saree showroom might last for several years when they are maintained properly. So, the durability and longevity of the saree make it an excellent investment for any Indian saree-loving lady to make it part of their wardrobe collection. 



Handloom sarees are made from natural silk, cotton, or jute fibres. The materials are not harmful to the environment as the fibres used are biodegradable. Even the dyeing procedure for the handloom sarees is done using the natural dyes. These dyes are non-toxic and do not even cause any harm to the environment.


Supporting the Local Artisans

The livelihoods of the local weavers and artisans get supported when you buy beautiful sarees from the handloom saree shop. These sarees usually come from the rural areas of India And are made by the skilled weavers living there. You help preserve the traditional craftsmanship and weaving techniques when buying handloom sarees.


Wearing comfort

You will like to wear the saree daily since it is lightweight and comfortable. These are ideal to wear when the weather is humid and hot, as the sarees are made from fabrics that make them breathable.

The handloom sarees symbolise India’s rich cultural heritage. These sarees are eco-friendly, unique and elegant. So, when you want to support traditional art and artisans, you need to come to Mrinayani M.P.Govt. Emporium and look at the exclusive handloom sarees we have for you. You may also visit our website to get precise information on the items we are selling. Do visit us.