If you want to know what the ultimate timeless piece of clothing that should be part of every Indian girl’s wardrobe is, it is a simple yet beautiful handloom saree. If you are shopping in the city, buying a handloom saree in Kolkata from a reputed shop like Mrignayani is a great idea. Handloom sarees, despite being so simple, can create an excellent traditional look, irrespective of your age. However, how you style the saree is very important, and we are here to help you with some tips.

Buy Handloom Saree in Kolkata and Style It Perfectly

Check out these tips to style your handloom saree the next time you wear it:

Choose the right fabric

Selecting the suitable fabric is the first step to acing the handloom saree game. Cotton, silk, linen, and khadi are popular choices. Cotton handloom sarees are perfect for a casual, everyday look, while silk ones add a touch of glamour to special occasions.

Play with colours

Handloom sarees come in various colours, giving you endless chances to experiment. You can try vibrant hues for festive events or subtle pastels for a brunch outing for a more understated look that looks perfect. Remember, the right colour can enhance your skin tone and overall appearance.

Choose the perfect blouse

Make sure you pair your handloom saree with contrasting or complementary blouses. Experiment with various necklines, sleeve styles, and fabrics to add a contemporary twist to the traditional drape.

Accessorize well

Accessorizing well is the key to elevating your overall look. You can pair chunky or delicate jewellery depending on the occasion. Consider statement earrings, bangles, or a stylish clutch, depending on the saree you choose to wear.

Experiment with draping styles

While the classic Nivi drape is timeless, don’t hesitate to explore different draping styles. The Bengali, Gujarati, or modern free-flowing styles can give you a unique and refreshing look.

Play with prints

Handloom sarees are a canvas for beautiful prints and patterns. Choose a saree that resonates with your style, whether it’s intricate weaving, traditional motifs, or contemporary designs.

Your footwear matters

The right pair of shoes can make or break your handloom saree look. Opt for ethnic footwear like juttis or kolhapuris for a traditional touch, or use heels for a more modern vibe.

Wearing a handloom saree is not just about draping a piece of fabric but celebrating tradition, culture, and personal style. So, shop for a beautiful handloom saree in Kolkata from Mrignayani and embrace it with elegance and confidence.