Bengal is known for its vibrant traditions and rich cultural history when it comes to Sarees. The traditional saree retailers in Kolkata have a wide variety of sarees that present everlasting testimony in terms of grace and beauty. Here, we have brought to your attention six such famous Bengali traditional sarees that are suitable for any occasion.

Must-have Bengali traditional sarees

The tradition of Bengali sarees is vast and oceanic. So, it could pose immense difficulty to choose only a few favourites from this wide enchanting world. Let’s dive into the world of six such gorgeous sarees.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree

The famous Dhakai Jamdani is no less than a masterpiece, widely acclaimed for its subtle weaving technique. It is considered to be one of the most popular Bengal handloom sarees. The lightweight cloth with intricate designs gives it a sublime and ethereal appearance. This saree is the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication, thanks to its sublime embellishments.

Taant Saree

This is an incontestable classic. This should adorn your closet because of its famed ease and simplicity. These cotton sarees tend to have a light, airy feel. They come in vivid colours and austere patterns. It is suitable for everyday wear as they can convey elegance. These sarees are known for their lightweight and delicate weaving.

Kantha Work Saree

Kantha sarees embody the complex embroidery technique that is unique to Bengali craftsmanship. The artisans masterfully hand-stitch many layers of cloth together to produce stunning motifs and patterns. Additionally, Kantha sarees also convey a sense of heritage and storytelling.

Murshidabad Silk Saree

These silk sarees come from the ancient city of Murshidabad. These are evidence of the splendour of the area. They stand out for their glossy finish and spellbinding colours, as well as beautiful zari work. These silk sarees are most suited for big occasions and celebrations as they are known to ooze grandeur and elegance.

Handloom Silk Sarees

Handloom silk sarees are a wide spectrum of silk sarees encompassing handloom silk, Bishnupuri silk, Katan silk and much more. These sarees are gorgeous and can be suited to different occasions like festivals, weddings and other ceremonies.

Baluchari Saree

The baluchari silk saree has its roots in the Bengali town of Baluchar. It bears testimony to the heritage, artisanship and the weaving tradition of that area. Moreover, these silk sarees also tell visual tales of folklore and epic through the designs. They are decorated with painstakingly embroidered mythological and folkloric themes.

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