Handloom sarees distributed by designer saree retailers in Kolkata could include Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Kalamkari, Kosa, South Indian Silks and much more. Often, they could be bequeathed to you as family heirlooms. They are actually a heavy emotional and financial investment as well. However, proper maintenance of these sarees can take a toll on you. In this blog, we will guide you through the thick and thin of proper maintenance of these handloom sar

Maintenance tips for your handloom sarees

Handloom sarees are some of the most delicate creations in the world of sarees. They are exquisitely valued. Hence, it’s important that you handle them with care and with a regular maintenance routine. Like any sophisticated garments, handloom sarees are extremely prone to natural decay, staining, wear and tear. This susceptibility makes them rather tricky to preserve. So, let us look at our hand-picked tips for the maintenance of the handloom sarees.


Firstly, it is always the best idea to give your saree to a reputed and professional dry cleaner for a wash. But their charges could be hefty. Hence, you may want to do the washing yourself. You can follow this set of tips to wash your beloved handloom:

  • Before washing the saree, keep it soaked in salt water for some time.
  • After soaking, rinse the saree well before you move on to wash it with a mild detergent.
  • Make sure you only use the best quality, mild, liquid detergent from a reputed brand to hand wash the saree. We will strictly advise you against using dyes, strong stain remover or bleach since these sarees are made with extremely delicate fabrics.
  • Don’t let the soap sit on the saree for longer. You need to wash it off as fast as possible.
  • You should also not bundle up the saree before washing as it can result in the creasing of the fabric.
  • Don’t use warm water. Handloom clothes tend to be extremely delicate; hence, always use cold water to wash them.
  • Don’t put the sarees in a washing machine.

After you have gotten into the swing of the proper washing habits for the sarees, it’s time you move ahead to the proper storage.


The best practice is to keep the saree wrapped in pure cotton or Muslin cloth to let the air play around. Moreover, it would also protect the material from potential moisture damage. You can also use neem leaves between the folds of the saree to keep the pests away. You should also change the folds from time to time to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.

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