Chanderi sarees are exclusive, luxurious choices originating from Madhya Pradesh, India. They got the name “Chanderi” after the town where they were traditionally produced. Though the chanderi fabric is used to make different outfits, the chanderi saree is one of the most popular products and highly demanded in many parts of India and globally. This saree is known for its fine texture, lightweight nature and delicate look.

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Traditional Chanderi sarees have two main features. First, the material should always be sheer and translucent. Second, the designs and motifs on the saree should strongly influence Chanderi temple art. Some common motifs include peacocks, lotuses, coins, celestial figures, geometric patterns, etc.

Different Types of Chanderi Sarees Designers Prefer

Three main types of Chanderi sarees are available in India- silk, cotton, and cotton. The cotton and silk sarees use complicated and intricate weaving processes to make light and beautiful fabric that gives the best texture of the material.

The chanderi fabric is very popular these days. Pure chanderi silk sarees are also known for their class, elegance, and sheen. Cotton chanderi sarees are very comfortable, giving an airy feel and a translucent look.

The purest form of Chanderi silk and cotton is hand spun using traditional warps and wefts, which give them a unique look and make them famous among women. No matter the type of raw material used, the detailed weaving process ensures that the fabric is fine and shimmering.

Among all the other types of Chanderi varieties available, the pattu sarees are the most demanding and highly accepted in the market. The silk fabric highlights the delicate and soft woven designs with golden thread. Silk is the most common material used to make the designer Chanderi sarees.

How to Choose the Best Chanderi Saree?

The key to finding the best Chanderi saree is to look for a transparent texture, fine threads, and good draping for a gentle feel while wearing it. Check for unique motifs present on the saree. Now, this saree is available in different shades and tones.

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