Summer days have already arrived, and staying relaxed and cool during this time is very important. You must choose breathable fabrics like cotton, khadi, kota, and tussar that allow air to pass through and do not absorb sweat. Sarees made with these fabrics are soft and comfortable for summer.

If you contact traditional saree retailers in Kolkata, you can pick the best sarees for the upcoming months. You can see a huge collection of soft, breezy, and soothing fabrics that you will love to wear.

Choosing the Best Soft, Summer-Friendly Traditional Sarees

  • Assam Silk Saree

They are made up of the best quality silk in the world, called muga silk. The silk variety is organic, soft, natural, and highly durable. You can wear these sarees during daytime parties or wedding ceremonies at night. They are perfect for any occasion, making you relaxed and comfortable.

  • Khadi Saree

It is one of the most popular saree varieties you can buy from a traditional saree showroom. They are available in different colour variations and thicknesses. The soft khadi is just perfect for summer days. It is airy, comfortable and too soft to be draped easily. It is made of handwoven fabric using a hand spun yarn process. Khadi allows maximum breathability.

  • Kosa Sarees

If you are looking for the perfect summer attire to wear during festivals, the kosa saree is the right one. It reflects the right combination of glamour and tradition. You will wear something too comfortable for your skin yet slay the party with elegance and sophistication. Check out this variety at the nearest saree shop.

  • Chanderi Saree

The most stylish saree for summer is the chanderi. It is made of the traditional ethnic fabric Chanderi. They offer a sheer texture and luxurious feel and are lightweight. They have the right blend of cotton yarn and chanderi fabric, giving them a shimmering texture. The golden gaze of this variety makes it different from the rest.

  • Maheshwari Sarees

If you are looking for a saree that you can easily wear, then this variety is the perfect one. Earlier, these varieties were made of silk only. But now, the weavers blend cotton with silk to give them that buttery-soft texture. They come in vibrant colours suitable for any event.

This summer saree list is more than a collection; it signifies your personality, sophistication, and class. Check out varieties of handloom and traditional sarees from the leading traditional saree shop, Mrignayani M.P.Govt. Emporium. Visit our store or shop online.