Maheswari saree is one of the widely popular and demanding sarees available in india. It is a grooving, attractive and unstitched cotton saree that has its origin from Rajastahn. Every special event demands for a unique bridal saree.

The maheswari saree can be worn as an everyday wear or also at special occasions like ceremonies, weddings, birthdays and festivals. They are also called the Mewar garments. If you want to buy this type of saree, contact maheswari saree retailers in Kolkata and pick the best design for you.

They are made up of fine soft fabric with detailed designs of kundan or silver thread. The saree manufacturers make use of natural dyes to get the colourful combinations that often appear more expensive than they are. Buy the best quality saree for your upcoming event from a trusted store and make yourself the point of attraction.

More Details on Maheswari Saree You Need To Know

For having a better understanding of this type of garment, it is good to know the history behind this saree. This is the unique type of bridal saree that has its originality from Rajasthan. During the period between the 14th to 17th centuries, women used to wear unstitched cotton dresses.

They were called the Maheswari sarees as they had vivid colour combinations and they were vibrant. These outfits were known for their embroidery work and colour combination. They are best for daily wear and special occasions too.

Visit the nearby Maheswari Saree Showroom and pick your favourite item that fits your budget and style.

A Detailed Buying Guide on Choosing a Maheswari Saree

When you are thinking of buying the best saree for yourself, there are some of the important things you need to consider. First, is the type of fabric used to make the saree. This item is also called the mewar fabric as the base.

The mewar fabric is the special type of woven fabric that is used to make the maheswari saree. The next thing to check is the quality of the work. You cannot simply visit a store and buy any saree that comes in front. You need to check the quality, the detailed work and the quality. As it is a hand-woven garment, you need to be very specific before buying.

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