Benarasi and Bride: A traditional relationship

Wedding ceremonies in Bengali families carry unique significance. Despite the presence of craze for trendy fashionables, we like to turn back to ethnicity in such occasions. Amidst various ethnic wears, names of various saris are heard from all corners.  The center of attraction is, of course, the bride-wear and discussions hover around the different saris [...]

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Are Benarasi Saris made of pure silk fabric?

Benarasi saris are sold by renowned Silk saree retailers in Kolkata. These are made of fine varieties of silk threads and the silk used in making these saris belong to the purest form thereby ensuring the inept gorgeousness. These silks are known from the periods of epic. Earlier, these silks used to make the attire [...]

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Five reasons why every Indian should run after handloom products

The lovers of handloom products will like and are expected to have their wardrobe filled with such things. The aura and coziness offered by these products are simply incomparable. The stitched creations can be carried in regular chores and they seem to befit as party wear as well. Handloom weavers are the largest generator of [...]

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5 Indian Prints Depicting Indian Heritage

Indian handlooms are known all over the world for their richness, variety and quality. They represent our precious heritage. Our love for colours and prints goes a long way back as our country has always been associated with rich weaves and unique textiles. The unique identity of our fabric comes from the prints and [...]

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How Tussar could be a great choice for wedding

Tussar silk yarns are known for their rich texture and exclusive outlook with which females feel entirely distinguished and special. As these yarns are collected from a number of wild silkworms, the fabric is most popularly known as forest silk. These saris are draped proudly in almost all family occasions including wedding due to the [...]

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What Are Some Easy Tricks To Look Taller In Sarees?

Don’t you feel that you simply drown in to the sea of fabrics whenever you wear a saree? Well, if so, you are not alone. This is the most common thing happens to the petite women. Most petite women face the same experience. Being petite, they often can’t take advantage of their height.  Wearing those [...]

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Benarasi and Bride: A traditional relation

Silk Sari retailers in Kolkata takes pride of their collection of bridal benarasi saris. The span of bridal life for a woman is traditionally brief and yet filled with events. There exists a sweet air of anticipation where a bride goes pampered by friends and family and at the same time, there are a lot [...]

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Oxidized Jewellery trend for Puja

Gold is prized for the non-reactive properties when used in Jewellery. It is a metal that never rusts or tarnished after being exposed to air and water. Gold, though basically is an inert metal, but the smallest particles of Gold can enhance the speed of a chemical reaction. The process of oxidation makes the metal [...]

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Celebrate Durga Puja 2018 with Mrignayani

Durga Puja, the greatest festival of Bengal, is a few days away. It is the time for rejoice and celebration. All men, women and children dress up in new clothes and do pandal hopping. People start preparing for Durga Puja many days before. They start making a list of what clothes and accessories to [...]

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