Kosa silk is essentially gotten from Antheraea mylitta, an Indian silkworm. The silk is famous because of its durability, virtue and delicate surface. Kosa silk is solely delivered in India, as it were. Kosa Silk Saree is exceptionally well known among Indian ladies. The dull brilliant earthy surface of the silk is its special quality. In any case, it is likewise found in regular shades of light honey, grovel, orange, pale brilliant, cream and some more. The natural shade of Kosa is dull gold. In any case, the completed texture is coloured with normal colours separated from castle blossom or Fire bloom, dim rose red from lac, red dust of Rora blossom and a few other regular donors.

Since Antheraea Mylitta is an interesting silkworm, Kosa silk is profoundly esteemed by experts in Indian silks. However, an assortment of tussar silk, Kosa is known for its solidness and is like pure silk that is exceptionally fragile.

Let’s know more about Kosa Silk Saree

Beginning –

As currently referenced, Kosa silk is the speciality result of Chattisgarh. Two primary spots, Champa and Korba, are renowned for delivering a most extreme amount of top-notch Kosa silk. Nonetheless, the silk created in Champa is viewed as the best on the planet. This silk is frequently traded to various countries all over the planet.

Making –

 As you probably are aware, the silk is drawn from the casings on Sal, Saja or Arjun trees. The creation of Kosa silk is a very meticulous cycle. Things become much more complicated inferable from the inaccessibility of the Kosa silkworm. What’s more, subsequently, frequently, crude silk yarn is blended in with polyester or cotton. A norm and basic Kosa saree take around 3 to 5 days to fabricate – from yarn extraction to winding around. Be that as it may, the number of days might differ depending upon the number of labourers dealing with the undertaking.

Texture Authenticity:

 The most well-known at this point, most effective way to affirm the virtue of Kosa silk is by consuming several texture strings. The texture is unique; the consumed strings will leave a buildup which isn’t similar to common debris. It is dark rather than dim in variety and has a terrible smell.


 Clothing made of this silk isn’t normally suggested for everyday wear, particularly for individuals residing where the late spring is just singing. Kosa silk is weighty also.

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