There is a saree for every occasion. It is often chosen based on the nature of the event. A traditional ethnic saree goes well for a wedding, religious festivity, or some family function. The same way a handloom saree is excellent to be flaunted for a business meet or any of the formal events. Again, if you are going for a hep evening party like a cocktail dinner and so then chiffon, georgette, or organza saree would be the fresh choice. There are also choices of sarees that can be worn as regular wears at home or for work. Cotton sarees are the best options for these purposes.

Sarees are not selected based on the event only but also chosen as per the climate, region, and the style of wearing. They are, in fact, the attire that always remains in the trend and widely loved by the women fashionista. The different Indian states have their collection of sarees. Each of them is unique in their terms as far the colour, fabric, design, and hand works are concerned.

A Detailed Look At The Different Sarees To Be Flaunted On Different Occasions

Regular Wear Sarees

The sarees that are worn daily should be lightweight so that they can be carried well through the day. They should be cotton ones. Being breathable fabric cotton extends maximum comfort.

Partywear Sarees

These sarees should be gorgeous enough to match the pomp and the ecstatic spirit of a grand party. They should be jazzy, colourful, and vibrant. Shimmering effects offered by the georgette, net or chiffon fabric with sequins or mirror works could be the sleek, stylish choice to be worn for a party. It can be well said that the way you carry a saree reflects your persona and brings the celebrity out of you.

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Wedding Sarees

Saree is still one of the staples wears in Indian weddings. It is not only the bride but all the women present at the wedding, attending the different ceremonies of the elaborate Indian wedding love to flaunt sarees. The Banarasis, Kanjeevarams, Pochampallis, Paithanis, and innumerable selection of fascinating sarees is something without which the wedding affair is incomplete in India.

Festive Wear Sarees

There is no shortage of festivities in India like Durgapuja, Diwali, Holi, and so on. Saree is indeed a great choice to adorn you for each of these high-spirited festivities. They uplift the spirit of the festivals. Women clad in beautiful traditional sarees set the mood of the festivity at the right note. That’s the reason, an elaborate preparation of choosing the sarees, getting the blouses and petticoat tailored and having the right accessories ready starts much before the festival. So, sarees indeed have a great significance to any significant event attributing it with the unique charm it lacks otherwise.

This versatility constituted by sarees well prove their value in showcasing the richness of the Indian culture and heritage.