Maheswari sarees are one of the best categories of sarees that are produced in India. These sarees are in demand not only in India but also abroad. The name of Maheswari sarees originated from the large town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh. The Maheswari fabric is delicate and woven with a combination of silk and cotton yarns, which lends a soft texture to the saree and makes it comfortable for the wearer. Thus Maheswari sarees are the best option if you’re planning to wear them for the summer. They are soft and light and feel comfortable on the bare skin. Get the best pieces from renowned Maheswari saree retailers in Kolkata.

Origin of Maheswari sarees

It is said that the Maheswari sarees originated in Malwa and were originally designed by Ahilya Bai in 1760. Thus, all the females in the court of Malwa used the Maheswari sarees to wear comfortable sarees to court. Thus Maheswari sarees have always been a source of dignity and elegance for women wearing them.

What are the special factors about Maheswari sarees?

Exclusive designs

The detailed designs on the walls of the fort of Maheswari inspire the designs in the Maheswari sarees. Hence you’ll come across traditional designs that include chameli flowers, brick patterns, diamond patterns are lots more. These designs have been present in Maheswari sarees since their origin.

Wide range of colours

Initially, Maheswari sarees were available in shades of red, maroon, black or green; however, with trends and increasing demand for Maheswari sarees, you will now come across a range of colour options. You can expect these sarees in various unexpected colours like deep pink, Jaamla, light purple, angoori colour, magenta and deep brown.

Option for varieties

These sarees could be more designer. They have a simple and plain body with a few stripes and checks on the same. Some popular variants of Maheswari sarees are Chandrakala, Parbi, Beli and Chandratara. Since the designs on the sari’s body are limited, it is highly comfortable to wear.

Special features

A unique feature of a Maheswari sari is its reversible border which you will not find in any other variants of Indian sarees. Thus the border is designed in a way that you can wear the saree either way without getting confused.

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