Don’t you feel that you simply drown in to the sea of fabrics whenever you wear a saree? Well, if so, you are not alone. This is the most common thing happens to the petite women. Most petite women face the same experience. Being petite, they often can’t take advantage of their height. Wearing those killer heels might support their length. But wearing them all day long is not feasible. Nevertheless, don’t worry. There are ways following which you can make yourself look tall. Even the salespeople of leading Traditional Saree Shop refer to these tips. So just start rolling.

  • Pleat Your Saree Perfectly

It is utmost important that you wear the saree well. Your battle is half won if you can drape the saree rightly. But as it comes to managing the pallu, it actually depends on the comfort level. You can leave it just loose or make sleek pleats as this can perfectly accentuate your body frame better while making you look taller.

  • Wear Light Fabrics

It is always better for the petite women to avoid stiff fabrics such as organza or cotton. Rather, it will be better to choose fabrics that naturally drape around the body. Airy and light fabrics such as crepe, satin, georgette, chiffon are some of the most recommended ones for the petite women in terms of those six-yards.

  • Dark Colour Is Right

Choosing the right colours can really make or break the look. And dark colours have always been the safest bet for the women irrespective of size and shape. Sarees in dark colours bought from a Traditional Saree Showroom help covering up problem parts of the body while accentuating the assets. This strategy comes even more apt for short women.

  • Choose Light And Elongated Print

Women love prints. Eye-catchy big prints are mostly preferred. But if you are short, you better stay away from them. Rather you chose elongated yet small prints spread scantily across the saree making your look slimmer and taller. So when you buy a saree next time, consider this trick.

  • Pick Sarees With Thin Border

Gaudy vibrant borders may get attention. But they are not flattering whatsoever. Broad borders often make the wearer look wider and thus shorter. So choose sarees with subtle borders as this would significantly makes you look taller while flowing along your body frame.

  • Longer Sleeves Are Smart

Now face it. Half sleeved blouses are no more in fashion. They are outdated. Moreover, they often make petite wearer look even shorter. So why should you take a chance? It will be better to choose blouses with quarter sleeves as this lends a touch of elegance and glam to the appearance of the saree wearer. Blouses with quarter sleeves create an advantageous illusion of taller frame.

  • Tie The Saree Below Your Naval

One of the key things regarding saree draping is where to tie the saree. Tie it just below the naval; it helps you cover the key contours of your body while elongating the body frame.

These are a few tips to be followed. They help you look taller, slimmer and smarter in saree.