If you want something which you just need to drape and you will be ready for every occasion, a beautiful handloom saree is exactly what you need. Almost every woman with a liking for Indian ethnic sarees will have atleast one Tussar, Patola, Kanchipuram, South Indian silk and Ikkat in their wardrobe. If you also share an emotional connection with these handloom sarees but have not visited a saree shop offering those yet, it’s time you buy one too and flaunt it with a unique draping style.

3 Easy Ways To Drape Your Favourite Saree Bought From A Handloom Saree Retailer

  • Kappulu Style

Opt for the kappulu style while draping your handloom saree if you want to look elegant and flatter your curves at the same time. What separates it from the other draping styles is that the saree is wrapped from left to right. There is a narrow pleat at the backside and the end piece of the attire is twisted twice around the body which forms two cascades. Visit a renowned handloom saree shop to buy a beautiful saree and you can either throw the pallu over the right shoulder or use it to cover both the shoulders.

  • Bengali Style

The Bengali style of draping a handloom saree is quite popular and is widely preferred by women of every age group. This draping style is treated to be unique as there are no pleats in the saree. Traditional Bengali wives used to attach a bunch of keys with the pallu and placed it over the shoulder. If you are also willing to try the Bengali draping style, just visit a handloom saree showroom and choose something with a rich border.

  • Butterfly Saree Style

A majority of the woman visiting a handloom saree retailer have the desire to flaunt it in a way seen on Bollywood movies. This modern and non-bulky saree draping method is known as butterfly saree style. The top part of the pallu is pleated in such a way so that it forms a thin column and the lower part of the pallu is given a fan-like butterfly shape. Sometimes, it is also pleated into a single column and placed across the torso.

Since you can drape your favourite handloom saree in so many unique styles, it’s time to visit a renowned saree retailer in your city.