If you are a saree lover, you must have heard of Chanderi sarees. Originated from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, this saree got its name from its place of origin. According to some sources, from as early as the 7th century, the culture of weaving fabrics in Chanderi began. However, the tradition of Chanderi sarees begun in this place in the 13th century. The credit of this goes to the Kosthi weavers, who migrated to this area from Jhansi. These sarees received royal patronage during the Mughal rule and their fame reached a great height during this period. There are different varieties of Chanderi Sarees. You can get the best Chanderi saree in Kolkata in many places.

1. Black Chanderi Sarees

You will have a sizzling look at the party in this stunningly beautiful saree. The red zari border is in contrast with the black body of the saree and this contrast brightens the total look. You will grab the attention of the people wherever you go wearing this saree. In order to increase the beauty of the saree, you should wear a contrasting blouse with it.

2. Chanderi Pattu Saree

Especially during the summer season, this Chanderi saree in orange and red is a perfect one if you are looking for a royal looking silk saree for wedding. You don’t have to compromise on your style as the airy feeling of this saree helps you to stay comfortable even in the extreme summers and its royal look gives you a glamorous look. A golden blouse and matching gold jewellery complement the look of this saree very well.

3. Indigo Chanderi Saree

This Indigo saree with Dabu print is one of the hottest Chanderi sarees. Women of all ages will look stylish and elegant wearing this beautiful saree. A simple white cotton blouse and German silver accessories pair best with it.

4. Chanderi Banarasi Saree

One of the most exclusive weaves in the Chanderi variety is this saree. The rich mandala design inspired Banarasi border and the cheques all over the body give this saree that exquisite look. To be the star of the event, you can wear this saree with a matching blouse and rich Nakshi jewellery. You can get this saree in the showrooms of Chanderi saree retailers in Kolkata.

5. Chanderi Kalamkari Saree

For all women, this rich Kalamkari hand printed saree is a major attraction. There are huge motifs of traditional Kalamkari block prints, inspired by the beauty of nature, all over the saree. The beauty of the saree is increased by peacock motifs that adorn the border. There is a matching Kalamkari blouse that comes with it to complement the whole look.