In India, one can find a wide range of handloom sarees in fabric, woven pattern and style. From gorgeous Benarasi sarees to the elegant Kanjivarams and from stylish Chiffons to comfortable Taant – the list of endless and magnificent.

In this list of classic Indian sarees, you cannot forget the appeal of handloom sarees. In fact, in this current time, the demand for beautiful, stylish and comfortable sarees is higher than any of these types mentioned above. Women find these sarees not only gorgeous but comfortable and a perfect fit for their daily life as well.

What is a Handloom Saree?

A handloom saree is woven on a shuttle-pin loom. That loom is typically made from ropes, wooden poles and beams. There are different pattern and quality in it.

These depend on the location where the saree comes from. It takes almost 3-4 days of work to complete a saree. Though cotton is the most used fabric in these sarees, you can see the use of silk as well.

This is a traditional textile of Bengal. You can see the demand for this saree both in Bangladesh and India. This is one of the most imperative handicrafts for rural India that helps this social sector’s economic growth.

Why is Handloom Sarees Beautiful?

Handloom sarees are soft, comfortable and look fabulous. With gorgeous colours, beautiful motifs, and unique pattern, these sarees will never cease to amuse you. You can wear them daily or on special occasions as well.

Cotton handloom sarees are highly comfortable, and you can wear them all day long without any worries. They not only look gorgeous but also make yourself feel elegant. Be it a wedding reception or a family gathering – a beautiful handloom taant saree will definitely help you to set your unique style statement.

Some of the Top Handloom Sarees in India

  • Bengal taant
  • Bandhani
  • Kanchi cotton
  • Andhra handloom
  • Linens
  • Bagru
  • Uppada
  • Kota cotton and silk
  • Narayanpet
  • Kerala cotton
  • Chanderi

All of these sarees look fabulous and gorgeous when you wear them with the right accessories. Whether you are a college student or a mother of three – these will make you look beautiful and attractive.

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