Dresses come in all shapes and sizes. If you are attending a cocktail party, go for a classic cocktail dress. Say you are feeling conscious about your tummy, peplum dress will come to your rescue. Planning a beach party? A boho wrap-around dress will make you look perfect in pictures. You have to attend a huge event? A long gown made of traditional silk will be perfect for weddings and receptions

While there are many blogs out there talking about A-Line dresses, Peplum dresses and Cocktail gowns; not much is written about our beloved traditional counterparts. Given below are the 3 most common types of dresses with an Indian twist.

A Classic Wrap Around Dress

You can’t go wrong with a wrap-around dress. Although this one can be treated as both Western and Indian wear, it mostly depends on the fabric and the design. As we are trying to keep it Indian, we should go for fabrics such as Ekkat or Silk. Various prints such as Mashlin, Jaipuria and Hand blocks are also perfect and a great substitute for churidars and kurta. Also, make sure you do not make it too small in length. While it looks best if you make it a long dress reaching the ankles, any length below the ankle will do.

Various saree retailers around the city have a great collection of them. Check them out right now.

A-line Dresses

Yes, you heard it right. Who said that A-Line dresses are only a Western thing? Few of the best ones are as Indiana as they can be. This is one place where you can experiment a lot. Make it out of Chanderi silk or Kosa silk; use a broad Boho belt in the waistline to bring out the gorgeous shape and pair it with a strappy sandal. You will find a great collection of these dresses at Mrignayani, Kolkata; an emporium of handloom sarees and readymade clothing. Also, you can play with the style of the sleeves and neckline. Puffed sleeves or mutton sleeves go great with any A-line dresses. Pro-Tip 1: wear it with authentic Indian jewelleries to complete the look.


Can you claim them to be Indian? With the right material and fitting, yes, you can. Tunic dresses with Indian prints have been in fashion since 2018 and they are here to stay. Made from pure cotton fabric with block prints, they are a perfect party wear. If you are not sure about the fitting, buy the material online and get it stitched from outside. If you are not a fan of online shopping, try offline. Various boutiques selling designer saree in Kolkata keep excellent quality dress material. Check them out. Pro-Tip 2: carry an embroidered handbag to complete the look bring in the wow factor

You don’t have to change your style from Indian to Western just to wear a dress. We have such a beautiful collection here in our country; cherish it.