Nowadays, there are many options for selecting sarees based on materials found with Dupatta & Dress Material Retailers in Kolkata that exude modern beauty. Every area of the nation has a unique specialty, ranging from handcrafted sarees to chic floral sarees.

The following are a few saree trends worth keeping an eye out for.

  1. Organza-silk sarees

With the characteristic material of the same name, organza silk is used to make sarees. It is a very thin plain-woven fabric made of silk. They also go by the name “kora silk sarees” due to their texture. However, the organza saree is particularly special because of the silky surface that drapes around the entire body. This gives it a gorgeously regal touch. Regardless of the event, the subtle shine and shimmer of the organza saree can instantly change the way you appear.

  1. Flowery Saree

The vivid, arresting, and alluring floral prints used in Indian fabric printing are the ones that are most popular around the world. It’s tough to look away from floral artwork that draws inspiration from nature since it’s so vivid, dazzling, and radiant! And when springtime comes, the thought of beautiful flowers in bloom puts us in a state of trance. Even fashion tends to gravitate towards floral prints in alluring hues that accentuate springtime trends.

  1. South Indian Sarees

The southern part of India is another location that is well known for its handwoven sarees. The possession of a Kerala handcrafted saree, that migrant Malayalis introduced to urban areas, is an expression of dignity for women. The Kerala Kasavu, a white or creamy white cotton handwoven saree with gold zari borders, is a cultural icon in and of itself, owned and cherished by many people in the north of India. It is no longer only a regional or cultural emblem.

  1. Sequin sarees

We are aware that the majority of the celebrities we admire and regard in the greatest esteem impact our style preferences as well as our way of life. Bollywood has acknowledged the existence of sequin sarees, while the divas have positioned themselves as fashion icons for all. It would be an awful decision to over accessorise these sequined sarees because they have a certain uniqueness that you would not wish to infringe on.

    1. Muslin sarees from Dhaka

Sarees are popular among Dhakai muslin. The stunning handloom sarees are known for their elaborate and distinctive motifs. The palette of colours and diversity that these Sarees utilise are the best indications of their alluring appeal and power. Your originality appears elegant and attractive thanks to the classic Saree’s innate attractiveness.

A saree serves as a drape in essence. Whatever manner it is draped, it functions. This gives designers some additional room for creativity. Multiple looks can be achieved with a single piece of clothing.

Because of this, despite the saree’s centuries-long existence, its customs and fashions have changed and evolved to match current trends, and they continue to do so without affecting the saree’s inherent beauty and feminine delicateness. Visit Mrignayani Kolkata one of the best Dupatta & Dress Material Retailers in Kolkata to discover the newest selection of top-quality sarees and dresses. Contact from our website and choose your favourite saree now.