Sarees are beautiful and elegant. No matter how old you are or your professional identity, a beautiful saree can make you look gorgeous on all occasions. When you explore the saree world, you can see endless options based on style, design, materials and origin. Saree border plays a vital role in making the distinctions. In many cases, two similar-looking sarees get different names because of their different borders designs.

Stylish Saree Border Create Captivating Designs

Even an ordinary looking saree can look gorgeous because of its extraordinary design. Zari, lace, motifs and colours – all these elements come together to make the borders look striking. A dull colour saree with a gorgeous border can look exclusive. On the other hand, a colourful saree with a flat border can get an exclusive and intriguing look.

What Are the Common Saree Border Designs?

Golden Zari Work

This one is probably the most popular type of border available all over the world. From Benarsi silk to the Dhakai sarees, you can see striking zari works on borders to give the saree a unique appearance. An elegant Benarsi with a gorgeous zari border can steal the show for anyone at any time.

Golden Saree Border

Contrasting Colour Design

Borders with contrasting colours always attract women. A blue colour saree with a dark pink border looks fantastic. On the other hand, a black saree with a red or yellow border looks stunning too. Using contrasting colours for the body and border of a saree is very common and popular.

Silver Work Designs

Though the popularity of golden work or gold zari design is very prominent among saree lovers, the demand for silverwork on the border is also quite high. Light colour with a simple and elegant silver border looks beautiful and helps you get a dignified look. Light pink, pastel yellow or ice blue sarees will look fabulous with silver borders.

Embroidery Saree Border Designs

Embroidery is one of the most popular forms of border designs for sarees in India. Even if you do not like the larger ones, you can choose something small. Typically, these designs have flowers, leaves and other artistic motifs to create aesthetically pleasant and creative.

Lace Designs

It is another highly popular border design. A boring saree can get an elegant look when you add beautiful lace to it. These laces can have glittery works or other motifs to look gorgeous.

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