Summer is undoubtedly the hottest season, and the mere idea of draping the 6-yard long saree during the summers is disturbing. However, if you want to stick to your style quotient, then choose the correct type of sarees for summer. In most of the designer saree showrooms in Kolkata, they make varieties of sarees that can help you beat the heat.

It is always advisable to wear a light fabric with loose fittings during the summers. Thus, sarees that are light-weighted and of natural colours are the best choice. For instance, soft cotton sarees are breathable and hence create a sense of comfort in the wearer’s mind. Below are the top 4 favourites that you can wear without discomfort during the summers.

Check out the list and buy accordingly. Retain your style statement and wear a comfortable variant of saree.

Which sarees should be worn during the summers?

Chiffon sarees

Chiffon sarees are one of the best choices for summers. The fabric is soft, handcrafted and easily manageable. Chiffon sarees are equally good compared to cotton ones. These sarees guarantee comfort and provide an exclusive range of designs that can be worn anytime and at any place. Chiffons are thus a lovable choice among all women.

Silk sarees

Silk is another simple yet cosy variant of fabric that beautifies every person. These are beautiful variants of saree that can be worn on any occasion. You’ll also get a range of silk sarees like Assam silk, Manipuri silk, and Fancy silk sarees. Silk sarees are getting more popular day by day because of their comfort level.

Cotton sarees

Cotton sarees are a trademark garment that is worn during the summers. This range of sarees is a great choice during the summers. They are soft and breathable and can be worn easily throughout the day without getting drenched in sweat. In terms of maintenance, cotton is the best choice. Just wash it and wear it the next day without any problem. Some of the famous cotton sarees are chanderi, bomkai and pure cotton.

Handloom sarees

Handloom sarees are a mandatory inclusion in the wardrobe during summers. They are soft like cotton and made with natural fibres. They are majorly hand-stitched, and the nature of the material is fine hence you can easily wear the same for different purposes. Handloom sarees are comfortable yet trendy.

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