Accessories have a great impact while chosen for sarees. Right accessory can figure out the perception about the user. The way a saree is draped and accessories are chosen can make you either a slut or an epitome of virtue. Success of saree wearing is all about being particular about detailing and adherence to proper etiquette. And, if you can fulfill these requirements successfully, you can definitely portray yourself as an elegant and intelligent woman. However, knowing to wear a saree properly is not enough. You must choose proper accessories to complement your saree and your look. It can enhance your style quotient as well.

And, Here Is How To Be Attentive Towards The Accessories You Wear While Wearing A Saree.

  • Choose Your Accessories Based On The Event

There is no dearth of accessories that perfectly go with sarees. If you can manage to choose the right saree along with complementing accessories or jewelry, you can be simply the centre of attraction. Otherwise, you will find yourself to be blended with the crowd. Also, you must not disregard the occasion. Or else, your appearance might be a sore to the eyes of the beholders.

  • Be Attentive And Smart Towards Details

As you know, ‘devil is in the detail’. People appreciate those who are attentive to the details. While choosing accessories for your saree, be particular about small things such as bindi, choice of jewelry, colour of lipstick and nail polish and lots more. After all, every small thing adds up to give a perfect effect on your style quotient while you are draped in a beautiful saree.

  • Rights Colours Are A Must

Selection of colours can break or make your style. A costly pair of bangles can ruin your look if its colour is not right. You can refer to the nature to have some great ideas.

  • Choose The Right Footwear

If you don’t want to be responsible for a fashion disaster, be extremely careful about choosing the footwear. Casual platform heels, wedges, flip-flops, ballerina flats are a big no-no. They can ruin your look in saree just miserably. Better you choose peep-toes and stilettos to augment the attire while making you look taller, slimmer and smarter.

  • Misfit Blouse Is A Disaster

The look, appearance and beauty of your saree is greatly attributed to the blouse you pair up with. A loose blouse can prominently make you being portrayed as sloppy and old-fashioned. On the other hand, a too tight blouse only reveals the fat on your back and makes you look poor-structured and undefined. Blouses should be sewn with care, skill and delicacy to enhance the bodily beauty of the wearer. Be sure to wear a right-sized bra when taking measurements for your blouse to avoid popping out.

  • Carry Proper Bag

It is a must to ensure that your bag is given needed consideration so the style quotient of the wearer doesn’t get ruined. Potli bags and clutches are the best for sarees. It would be great to avoid huge bags with sarees, especially while you are going for a party.