Sarees are considered the most gorgeous and elegant attire for every Indian woman. Whether you are 18 or 80, a beautiful saree can enhance your beauty to a great extent.

However, a saree alone may not be enough to make you look gorgeous. You need to choose the right jewellery or accessories to wear with the saree to complete your look. You must select the accessories that can complement your saree in the right way.

What to Remember While Choosing the Accessories for Your Sarees

  • The Colour Combination Of Sarees

For colours like pink, black, blue or purple you can choose silver jewellery. On the other hand, if you are wearing a red, yellow, green or maroon colour saree, then golden accessories will look better. However, both gold and silver ornaments look great with black and white colour sarees. So, keeping the colour of the saree will help you to choose the right accessories.

  • The Event You Are Attending

You can choose saree for your daily schedules as well as for special occasions. The event must be kept in mind while selecting the accessories. When you are going to a wedding reception, the jewellery can be heavy and bright. On the other hand, you should look for something smart, slick and stylish when you are going to wear them with saree at the office.

  • Light or Heavy

While attending a traditional occasion like Puja or wedding, you can choose heavy gold jewellery with traditional sarees. In case you are going for an office party or meeting someone special; some lightweight and stylish accessories will be the best choice with silk or handloom sarees.

  • Take Care of the Blouse Of Sarees

While talking about the accessories with sarees, you should not ignore the blouse. A misfit blouse can be a disaster for you. Your entire look may fail because of the wrong selection of the blouse. Always wear blouses that are tailor-made. You can get a contrast colour or be a little traditional in the selection of the colour of the blouse.

Saree and dress


  • Be Careful about the Footwear and Bags

A beautiful saree with an ordinary bag and shabby footwear – a pathetic combination! You need to be highly careful while selecting the bag and shoes with your sarees. These two are highly important accessories. You need to be very specific and picky about them. Match the colour with your shoe and bag with your saree. If you are not sure about it, then choose black because it the safest option with all types of sarees.

  • Feel Beautiful

Last but not least accessory is your attitude and personality. Nothing can be more beautiful and attractive than this. You need to feel beautiful, positive and confident in saree to look gorgeous. No matter what you are wearing, if you feel pretty and confident, then the entire world will look at you with this same attitude.

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