Maheswari saree has a rich and exciting history in Indian culture. It is one of the most popular and favourite types of sarees in India. This saree made with cotton and pure silk fabrics. Maheswari saree typically has zari and brocade works to offer alluring designs.

Origin and History

As the name suggests, this saree was originated in the town of Maheswar, Madhya Pradesh, India. The fabric is locally woven and used to create beautiful and striking Maheswari sarees, dress materials, dupatta, etc.

In the 18th Century, Maheswari sarees were first produced. In this time, Pure silk was the primary material to make the saree. Late cotton and pure silk both used to give the sarees a unique and attractive look and texture.

There is a legend that Queen Ahilyabai Holkar has ordered different highly-skilled artisans and craftsman from Surat and Malwa to produce beautiful and unique sarees for her. These artisans followed the order of the Queen and created an exclusive saree which was named after that place Maheswar. These sarees were considered as a special gift to the royal relatives and guests whenever they visit the palace.

Legends are also there that it was the Queen herself who designed the very first Maheswari saree and later it became popular in entire Madhya Pradesh. Gradually, the saree becomes one of the most popular types of sarees in the whole country.

Exotic Varieties of Maheswari Saree

Maheswari sarees are not only beautiful, but they have interesting designing patterns divided into separate categories. There are five different categories available in Maheswari saree.

  • Chandrakala
  • Baingani Chandrakala
  • Chandratara
  • Beli and
  • Parbi

Among them, Chandrakala and Baingani Chandrakala are plain in the centres and have exquisite zari borders. On the other hand, the different three categories have stripes and checks in the body.

All these categories look stunning and gorgeous. Women all over India love to wear them on special occasions.

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Demand in the Current Days

The fashion-loving Indian women still love to wear sarees, although they have a keen interest in the Western and Ethnic wear too. The beautiful Maheswari sarees exported in countries like Germany, UK and USA and also have demand in local cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

Even in recent times, women love to buy these gorgeous Maheswari sarees for themselves and their loved ones too. Whether it is a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or a simple gesture of love and respect – people buy this particular kind of saree as a gift.

Enhance Your Deshi Look

If you are one of those Indian women, who love the tradition when it comes to getting dressed, then the Maheswari saree can be your best friend. Even if you prefer western and casual wear more than traditional dresses, then also you can buy this saree for your special days.

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