For every Bengali, Durga Puja is the most significant festival of their life. Even if you are not a Bengali, but stay in Kolkata, you can closely feel that vibe. Durga Puja has multiple features that aim to increase excitement and fun. One of them is shopping for new clothes. The connection between Durga Puja and sarees is something inseparable for every Bong Girl. Even if you do not wear sarees much daily, you would love to buy one or two special sarees for this festival.

Saree stores and individual sellers upgrade their stock of sarees with the latest collections before puja. Bengali women look for different types of sarees that include the traditional ones and the trendy styles too. Traditional products like Handloom sarees or Kanjivaram sarees

Why People Buy Sarees in Durga Puja?

Durga Puja is a traditional Hindu festival. However, this becomes more a social festival than a religious one with the passing course of time. Bengalis all around the world wait for this grand four-day festival with their full heart. They meet their families and friends, cook and eat delicious foods, roam the city for pandal hopping, enjoy good times with their loved ones and wear beautiful clothes to look gorgeous.

Hence, buying new clothes is an essential part of this festival. Since this is a traditional festival, girls love to get a traditional look during these four or five days of puja. They prefer wearing various kinds of sarees to look gorgeous. The sarees can best reveal the traditional Bengali look.

Whatever you wear throughout the year, a Jamdani or a Maheswari Saree is the best attire for the Ashtami puja. You can also choose South Silk, Tangail, Pure Silk, or designer sarees for this auspicious occasion where we all worship Maa Durga.

Handloom Saree

What Types of Sarees are Best for Puja?

Durga puja means traditional look. While men love to wear Panjabi and dhoti, women prefer to wear various types of gorgeous sarees. While visiting your nearest saree shop, you can explore a wide range of products specially manufactured for this festival. You can get something traditional like Jamdani or Pure silk for yourself. Or else, you can look for some trendy boutique or designer sarees to get a unique look.

While buying sarees for yourself or for someone you love, you should consider a few things.

  • The type or style of the saree
  • The quality of the product
  • The occasion for which you are buying the saree
  • Your budget for this

At Mrignayani Kolkata, you can witness a great stock of sarees from all around the country. You can get a huge stock of traditional and beautiful sarees from east to south for Durga Puja and other occasions.

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