How To Enhance Your Oomph Factor In Sarees

Saree is something loved by Indian women of all ages and sizes. Nevertheless, there are some women who though crave for wearing this alluring attire, don’t simply opt for this. But what is the reason? Well, they do this owing to their bulky figure as revealed by a leading Designer Saree Shop. Besides, the busy, [...]

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Essential Tips To Choosing The Right Bridal Saree For Your D Day

Marriage is a lifetime event. It is the beginning of a new life. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life that must be planned meticulously. Nevertheless, you surely want to make your D day a perfect one. You surely want to look your best on that day. And thus, [...]

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How To Take Care Of Your Expensive Designer Sarees

As it comes to taking care of expensive designer sarees bought from a reputed Designer Saree Shop, they come in a huge variety. Sarees that people usually buy for special occasions like wedding are embellished and ornate crafted in different fine quality fabrics with detailed designs to give them special texture and appeal. Designer sarees [...]

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What Are The Key Characteristics Of Chanderi Sarees?

Chanderi is one of the most traditional yet elegant ethnic fabrics especially characterized by its fine texture, lightweight and luxurious feel. The fabric is manufactured by weaving golden Zari, cotton and silk in the conventional cotton yarns. Named after the place of origin, a small town namely Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi Sarees are preferred [...]

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Mistakes That You Should Never Make While Wearing A Saree From A Designer Saree Shop

You can hardly find a better alternative to saree. Saree has its own grandeur that you can never expect from any other outfit. However, while wearing this beautiful Indian attire, you need to take care of some important factors. Also, if not draped properly, saree can be literally disastrous. Here Are Some Things That You [...]

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How To Take Care Of Your 6 Yards Handloom Saree

Every Indian woman will agree to the fact that our traditional sarees are simply an epitome of beauty. Though western attires have started dominating the market, the grace, beauty and culture reflected by a beautiful handloom saree can never be denied. Whether you have a love for the Ikkat, Patola, Kanchipuram, Tussar, Banarasi, Kalamkaris or [...]

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