With the ending of winter, we have to take a look at our wardrobe. It is time to put our sweaters and shawls inside the bag and inside the cabinet. While we still might need a light shawl or two, most of it has to go away. It is time to take out of light clothes with the essence of spring and all that is floral.

Another way to freshen up our spring wardrobe is by adding few statement jewelleries to it. The combination of a light cotton top and a gorgeous pendant or a simple Kurti and a statement necklace; it will make you stand out. Therefore, through this blog, we will talk about a few great combinations of cloths and statement jewellery.

  • Two-layered pearl necklace with silk Kurti

Let’s put it this way: silk and pearl is a pair made in heaven. Buy yourself a short brown silk Kurti and pair it with the two-layered white pearl necklace. Another color combination that will go well is off-white long silk salwar with a long black pearl necklace. Wear it with contrast cigarette pants and you are good it go. Make sure you do not sweat too much in it as sweat spots are tough to remove from silk.

  • Cotton top with a Statement Pendant

Looking for something casual that you can wear every day? Cotton is your answer. This fabric is just perfect for spring and summer. It is light, airy, cheap and is easy to maintain. But sometimes, without the right accessories, it became too simple and plain. Make it interesting with a statement pendant. You will come across some of the best statement pendants in shops selling Artificial Jewellery in Kolkata. But wear it with contrasting colors. You can wear cotton skirts underneath it and some nude wedge heels.

  • White linen skirt and statement earrings

What is more iconic than a white linen skirt and faded blue jeans. Like cotton, linen makes perfect spring and summer fabric. It is a highly absorbent fabric and also a great conductor of heat. But, why not give it a fusion twist. Carry a colorful dupatta with mirror work, jute handbag and oxidised earrings. You will find a great collection of Oxidised Jewellery in Kolkata.

  • Long Skirts and Hand Filled with Bangles

Oh! How beautiful it looks. Gorgeous long skirt with Parsi Work, a plain Kurti and a set of oxidised bangles. A Saree retailer in Kolkata has a great collection of colorful Parsi skirt. They are stunning to look at and very comfortable to wear. Pair it with strappy sandals and wayfarer sunglasses and you are ready to rock this spring.

While winter is not that far away, get ready to rock it with some great outfits and statement jewelleries.