India is known for its ethnicity and diverse culture. As a result, Indian handicrafts are aplenty. Every Indian state has their own set of specialty skills, techniques, usage and colour to make the country a cynosure in the global handicrafts market. To carry on with the trend and changeable taste of the domestic as well as international buyers, Indian handicrafts are now being improvised as multi-purpose items and are found in any leading handicraft items showroom. Though it is really easy to source such items, they still suffer from scarcity on the radar. Here are a few of many handicrafts made exclusively in India by the native Indian artisans that you will just love to grab.

  • Jute And Cotton Braided Floor Rugs

These rugs are generally circular in shape and often colourful to make the space vibrant while its rustic look won’t make them feel overpowering. You can place these rugs on the patio of any outdoor space to jazz up the décor as well as the entire space. Also, owing to the materials like jute and cotton, they are durable and easily cleanable.

  • Jaipur Blue Pottery

This is the specialty of Rajasthan. Such items are loved for their intricate design and standalone appearance. Blue pottery items are perfect as dinner ware, room décor items and other household articles. Elegant Persian motifs are hand painted on porcelain in flamboyant blue shades. They are usually available in a set of two and are ideal for your living room, dining space and even stairway wall. Being an avid lover of Indian handicrafts, you must have them in your collection. You can get them at any reputable handicraft items shop.

  • Kantha-Stitched Cushions

These are so perfect to make your room vibrantly colourful. Kantha stitch is the specialty of West Bengal. It comprises running easy stitches done on the entire or over width or length of the fabric to ensure a stunning rippled look. Sewn over vivid flowers, these cushions are perfect addition to your drawing room for a nostalgic happy vibe while ensuring freshness to the room. You can use these cushions on your sofa. You can also use them to decorate your bed too.

  • Bamboo Handicrafts

These handicrafts are mostly procured in Assam, Tripura and West Bengal. They are perhaps the most eco-friendly craft items made in India. Different types of items like furniture, baskets, toys, dolls, crossbows, mats and even jewelry boxes made from bamboo can incredibly enhance the beauty of your home.

  • Macramé Tapestry

Belonging to uncut bohemian aesthetics, off-white macramé tapestries can add interests to your boring yet coloured walls. They are often crafted in pleasant patterns. You can contrast these items with vibrant green indoor plants to bring the décor alive. Besides, they also go perfect on white bathroom walls.

  • Shell Items

Shell handicrafts reflect amazing expertise of Indian craftspeople. Be is tortoise shell, conch shells or seashells, the artisans can easily make items like forks, decorative bowls, bangles and other ornaments, chandeliers, table mats and a lot more, from them. States located in the seashore are the producers of these stunning handicrafts.