As in India, handicrafts items are often referred to as handmade crafts. Skilled and trained people create a wide array of items from commonly available goods while converting them into eye-catchy decorative pieces. Handicrafts items are mostly made from rock, stone, wood, clay, paper, jute and a lot more. It doesn’t need any expensive or delicate tools to design and create such items. And as the name suggests, they are made by hands only. They are available at any leading handicraft items shop.

Here Are Some Signature Indian Handmade Items That You Must Have In Your Collection

  • Pottery

This is often considered to be the most sensual form of fine arts. The legacy of handmade pottery has been prevailing in the country since the Harappan civilisation. Northern states of India are mostly known for different types of pottery works in different colours. For example, colours such as brown, orange and light red are used in Uttar Pradesh while dark red and black are mostly used in Himachal Pradesh. Bikaner in Rajasthan is famous for painted pottery while Jaipur from the same state is well known for blue pottery. Besides, masterpieces are created by the potter of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh as well. The potter holds a special and significant position in the craft legacy of the country.

  • Wooden Work

The northern states of the country are famous for the treasure of woodwork. Some districts in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are known for delicate wooden furniture. Kashmir is also famous for woodwork made from walnut trees. Chhattisgarh artisans are big group to name for creating doors, masks, sculptures and window frames. Toys from Jharkhand, woodcarvings of Goa with an aesthetic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, and woodwork of red sandal wood from Andhra Pradesh are also something to be kept in your personal collection or used as a gift. Besides, rosewood carvings from Tamil Nadu, rosewood crafts from Karnataka are also quite popular among Indians as well as overseas art lovers. As it comes to Indian woodwork, it is a must to mention the spectacular female figurines curved out of Kumbli wood in Kerala. You can find such items in leading handicraft items showroom.

  • Leather

Age-old convention of leather expertise in our country is proved by our ancient sages. There was a time when leather was used for making footwear and clothes as well as caps, saddles, shields, bags and many more. Indian leather works are famous across the world. The leather work from Madhya Pradesh is especially famous. Different types of leather goods are created in the state. On the other hand, Maharashtra is famous for making Kolhapuri chappals which is globally acclaimed.

  • Zardozi

This amazing embroidery work involves creation of elaborate designs using silver and gold threads along with precious stones and studded pearls. Mostly silk, velvet and even tissue materials are used as the base material. This is a famous item from Uttar Pradesh. Though initially the design was done using original gold leaves and pure silver wires, today’s artists use copper wire, silver or golden polish and also silk thread to produce Zardozi. This work is a specialty of Bhopal, Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Kashmir, Ajmer, Lucknow and Chennai.

These are only a few of many handicrafts items that you must have in your collection. Handicrafts products are not always cheap. Rather there are many products like Zardozi that only rich people can afford. Nevertheless, have some signature handmade pieces that come within your affordability.