Irrespective of the occasion, a gorgeous saree can make you look absolutely beautiful. Sarees always play magic on any woman, irrespective of their age. However, the entire elegance of a saree can be best portrayed when you drape it nicely. Mistakes in saree draping can ruin the entire look and makes you feel uncomfortable.

This is why every woman should be aware of the correct traditional saree draping styles. You should know the common mistakes that often women make while draping a saree.

Here are the most common mistakes in draping saree:

  • Wearing the Saree Too Low or Too High

You should always keep the height of the saree according to your height. Wearing a saree too low or too high can ruin the look. The waist curve of a woman plays a vital role in tucking the saree in the right position. Keep the knot of your saree below the naval if you are not very tall.

  • Ignoring the Important of Pallu Draping

Improper pallu arrangement often makes the saree look inappropriate and unsightly. You should understand that some sarees have gorgeous pallus, and you should flaunt them naturally. In India, women follow different styles of pallu draping. You should choose the right style as per the type of pallu your saree have and the occasion you are going to attend. If you wear a saree with gorgeous pallu and lots of embroidery works, try to keep it open to show it off correctly. If you are not confident enough to manage an open pallu, pleat it rightly as per your body size and shape.

  • Improper Pleating of Saree

Pleating plays a major role in determining the overall appearance of a saree you wear. Improper pleating will ruin your look. It should be clear and properly arranged. Messy pleating will make the saree look awful and give you a comfortable appearance as well.

  • Unfit Blouse and Wrong Petticoat

A beautiful saree must be paired with a correctly fitted blouse and an appropriate petticoat. When you make a mistake choosing these two elements, your saree will not be able to give you a classy look. In many cases, the selection of the wrong blouse or poorly fitted petticoat is enough to ruin a super gorgeous saree.

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