This year in Diwali, silver jewelry had a massive comeback. Whether one went for pandal hopping around the city or went to a bar to hang out with their friends, traditional silver jewelry was a common sight. While there has been domination of artificial jewelry in Kolkata, it was nice to see an old tradition coming back in fashion on such a massive scale. Let’s see the list of silver jewelleries designs that would never go out of style.


A multi-layer silver necklace


Who doesn’t love wearing a deep neck blouse? With the right saree, a deep neck blouse will flaunt all the right curves and make you look extremely attractive. And the best thing that compliments a deep neck blouse is a multilayered silver necklace. Not only with a saree and blouse, but they also look drop-dead gorgeous with silk dresses and lehengas. Picture yourself wearing a maroon dress, high heels and a beautiful multilayered necklace. Silver Jewelleries can bring and all-over changes.Goosebumps, right?




Armlet is a jewelry item that had one of the biggest comebacks a few years back. Back in the year 2017, the whole market was booming with exquisite armlets. This year, silver armlets are all the hype. From a thin snake designed armlet to a broad stone studded one, it comes with a lot of variations. You can choose your pick in accordance to your style.


Stone studded long necklace


Not a fan of short multilayered necklaces, that’s alright. Broad single-layered silver necklaces are for you. Imagine wearing a beautiful Kolkata traditional saree while going on a date with your sweetheart. What do you pair it with? A long, silver necklace studded with matching the colored stone. It would add an elegant look to your whole attire. And the best part, it comes in various patterns. You decide which one suits you the most.




Jhumkas have always been a favorite. It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t have a pair of jhumka inside their jewelry box. We love a beautiful pair of jhumka, it’s that simple. And guess what, beautiful silver jhumkas are all that are in crazy now. Be it online, be it in different silver jewelry showrooms, one will find irresistible pair silver jhumka’s. They look stunning when paired with short kurtas and jeans. Want to put a western spin on them, pair it with a crop top and a long shirt. You won’t be able to look away from the mirror.




To put a proper finish to your look, get yourself a big silver statement rings. They are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. Pair them with jeans and kurta, lehenga, saree, dresses, tunic- they will glam up your whole look. Buy one which has stones studded of a simple designed one, the choice is yours.

Silver jewelleries have a graceful yet bold look on them. They are extremely versatile too. Buy them and bring a change to your wardrobe.