In today’s rapidly moving world, most of the women prefer hassle free western wears at work front. But when it comes to wearing any traditional outfit, most of the Indian women go for wearing saree. This ever accepting piece of cloth is just another comfy outfit in a saree lover’s closet. This attire happens to be such a thing that brings out the beauty of a woman. Let’s discuss the amazing facts of wearing the five-yard-wonder.

  • Easily Adaptable Regardless Of Body Contour:

Most of the women are conscious about their attire suiting their body contour. The best part of wearing a saree is that none will ask you about your height, body contour and waist size. A wearer can adjust the style of draping according to her body type. If you are having a stout figure, drape the saree a bit loosely and keep the pallu neatly pleated and pinned. It will give you an elegant look instead of making you appear bulky. On the other hand, if you are slim and tall, wrap it tightly with a long non-pleated pallu. This style will emphasize your height. Instead of making you look too bony or thin.

  • Pick Up The Right One:

While choosing a saree, you must have basic understanding of few factors which plays a big role in your overall look. Indian sarees are found in different materials and styles. In fact their types are literally countless. That is why, most of the saree buyers often become confused while choosing the perfect one.

  • Fabric Matters A Lot:

First of all, you need to choose the right fabric when shopping the right saree. This fabric is important when it comes to make you appear shorter or taller. Proper fabric can also enhance your glow. Don’t forget to consider the season while picking up the fabric.

  • The Power Of Prints:

Print of a saree is something which can tell about your mindset and taste. Besides, choosing the right prints also reveals multiple sides of your mood, personality and style quotient. To name a few latest prints would be floral prints, geometrical patterns and polka dots. All the top saree retailers in Kolkata are bulking up their stocks with a vast range of designer and trendy saree collection.

Putting on a saree is not just draping a nine yard fabric. In order to look more stunning in a saree you need to add right makeup and accessories. Aren’t you sure about the shop to look for? Turn to Mrignayani, one of the best silk saree retailers in Kolkata, for getting the best kind of designer and handloom saree collections.