Most people think that saree is not a proper outfit for the winter season. But you will be amazed to know that there are different ways you can style your saree during this time. With a new twist to draping sarees, you can keep yourself warm and comfortable. In this blog, we will discuss different ways to rock a saree in winter while looking stylish and fashionable.

Style Your Saree Wear during the winters

Style Your Saree with Turtlenecks and Fitted Sweaters

It is advisable to bring out your fitted turtleneck sweaters from your closet and pair it with the saree. You can wear it as a warm, chic blouse with a saree. They look practical and stylish for every occasion. You can opt to wear a plain black turtleneck sweater with a printed or one-tone saree. It makes for an appropriate, formal outfit. Wear oxidised silver jewellery to finish your look.

Faux or Velvet Jackets

Pairing your saree with a velvet or faux jacket creates an amazing style statement. The combination can change your entire look from top to bottom. You should wear a short faux jacket or coat with a saree to create an effortless fashion. It is suitable for a wedding occasion or a cocktail party. Another good option is wearing a long velvet jacket with a detailed saree for a classy, elegant touch.

Denim and Leather Jackets

Denim or leather jackets make for a perfect combination when you wear them with a saree. You can also choose a leather jacket to wear with your outfit for an edgy look. It is always recommended to experiment and not restrict to a single look.

Silk shirts and Kurtis

saree style

Who said that you could not pair a saree with a Kurti or shirt? Even celebrities rock a fashion statement by combining a silk shirt with the saree or Lehenga. Choose a short kurta or a silk/chiffon shirt and wear it underneath the saree to create a gorgeous outfit. It is an attractive alternative to a regular blouse. It can completely change your outlook when you add a few accessories to it.

Shawl or Dupatta

Sarees look perfect when you wear them with a shawl or a glamorous silk dupatta. They form a second pallu to your saree and emanate a sophisticated look. Shawls and dupattas are classic choices when it comes to upgrading your saree look during the winter season.

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