Whoever said this, turned out to be a foreseer! Wearing a saree is never my thing’’- said no Indian woman ever (well, almost none). Not to mention, this “six yards of elegance’’ has witnessed major shifts over the decades.

This is an era of being confident in your skin. Whatever you wear, comfort tops the list and whatever you wear, quickly becomes a trend! That is why, women have started draping sarees over jeans, pairing it up with tops and T-shirts and the most ‘daring’ step they took is wearing a sneaker with a saree! Because comfort comes first!

Handlooms, unstitched, silks, satins, the most versatile pieces attract the attention of many. New-gen women experiment with the traditional weaves. But they never forget to commit to their quirky side. That’s why; they choose the prints that showcase their psyche.

Are you a proud part of the Indian tradition? Are you looking for the best Designer saree shop in Kolkata? Fortunately, lots of interesting options are there for you. But first, you have to decide your choice when it comes to shopping for the ‘pure elegance of India’.

Raw Silk Saree:

Do you wonder from where it derived its name? It uses the freshest form of silk and it comes with plain design. However, the subtle design is what makes it more striking. Are you a lover of sarees with solid colours? Then, raw silk saree is your thing and a contrasting border is your cherry-on-the-cake.

Kanjeevaram Silk Saree:

Kanjeevaram silk saree is a classic in itself. Having originated from Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, it tops the list for everyone who wants a saree-centric wardrobe.

Kanjeevaram silks come in vivid colours teamed up with floral designs. Besides, it also comes with check designs and contrasting borders to match the look.

Benarasi Silk Saree:

‘A blog on saree’ won’t be complete without this number. Having originated from Varanasi, India, Benarasi Silk reached beyond the boundaries of bridal couture. Its intricate-looking designs and feels are worth obsessing over. Browse through the collection of the best Dakshinapan saree shop in Kolkata and you will get what you want.

Mrignayani Kolkata is home to multiple choices of traditional sarees. Who says only a soon-to-be-bride needs to make a wardrobe full of it? It’s your time to break some rules and turn a few heads. Ditch the formals; wear a colourful, edgy saree to your work once and you won’t regret a bit of it.