What crosses your mind when we talk about timeless ethnic Indian attire? If it’s a six yards long trail of cloth, having no zip or stitch, we are on the same page. Since its inception, Saree has been signifying the grace and poise of being a woman. The untouched elegance of saree has made it the most favorite apparel of the Indian fashionistas.

Nothing makes you look more graceful like a saree does. Don’t you agree? The six yards of sheer wonder, if draped well, oozes fearlessness and femininity. It will be hard to believe if you say your wardrobe doesn’t even own a single piece of it. It is the never-ending fame of saree that is making the saree retailers in Kolkata more popular.

I Have Enough Sarees” Said No Woman Ever.

Just like lipsticks, saree is an obsession of every woman.

The origin of saree lies tangled in the blurred loops of history. The timeless fashion has wrapped the soul of India within itself by all means. It is worn by all the classes be it the poor, the middle-class or the rich ones. From marking the beauty of a shy bride to telling the story of pride and strength of our mothers, lots of stories lie in the saree wearers’ lives. Over the passing course of years, it has been making its statement. The best thing about this attire is that you do not need to have the figure of a model to ‘slay’ it off. You will get unlimited options of glistening threads, exotic hues, ethereal fabrics, unique motifs, and delicate falls while scrolling through the stock of top handloom saree retailers in Gariahat.

It Carries The “Vibe” Of An Ethnic Soul

Nothing is more eloquent than the traditional Indian wear. It is literally the most popular wear in India. As it is said before, this attire has modernized a lot while maintaining the ethnic vibes. Here is a list of some trending styles of carrying it off with grace.

Replace The Kamarbandh With A Belt


At first, drape your saree the usual way and then just add a belt at your waist to cinch your pallu.

Embrace The Dhoti Style


What’s the harm in trying out an off-beat look? The festive season is around the corner. Draping the dhoti style is a bit tricky but you can always check out YouTube videos for the ‘how-to’ tutorials.

Replace The Petticote With A Pant


It’s comfy, it’s super functional, and it’s super chic. It might just become a sizzling fashion trend once you carry it with confidence.

Whatever your Saree draping style is, never skip the color contrast game. Gone are the days of matching your Saree color with your blouse color. You are living in an era of breaking rules and chasing your dreams.