Saree is traditional attire worn by Indian women. Among all types of Indian women attires, saree is probably the oldest one. It has a rich and long history. On the other hand, it has a significant impact on the culture and heritage of this country. From the ancient time of Indus Valley Civilization to the current time of 2020; the store of use and transformation of saree is amazing.

What is a Saree

Saree is an unstitched long length fabric. It can have single or multiple colours. It is usually six to nine yards long. With beautiful and colourful pallu or anchal, sarees normally have borders with embroidery.

A saree can be made of different types of materials, including cotton, silk, organza, net, and synthetic fabrics. Different materials have different features and can look stunning with beautiful designs and embroidery works.

The Popularity of Saree in India

India is a country of many cultures, many attire and many traditions. However, saree is one of the Indian attires that can be found all over the country. Every Indian woman has a special emotion regarding sarees. No matter what they wear in their daily lives, for special occasions, they always love to try gorgeous and elegant sarees.

Even most of the men of India believe that an Indian woman looks most beautiful in sarees. From 8 to 80 – saree is the favourite attire of all Indian women.

Handloom Saree

Traditional or Fashionable

Both traditional and fashionable sarees have high demand in the market. While the middle-aged women prefer to have something traditional in their collection; the younger generation loves to do some experiments with the look and feel of this attire. They try designer sarees with a fashionable touch to look unique.

On the other hand, the popularity of traditional sarees like Kanjivaram, Benarasi, Paithani pallu, Muga silk, Tasar, and Chanderi silk will never fade away as well. They have fascinating embroidery, zari works and other types of motifs on the body and anchal, which make them look gorgeous and eye-catchy.

Saree – Everyday

Whether you are going to your office, attending your sister’s marriage or meeting someone special – a beautiful saree can make you look fabulous.

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