Wedding ceremonies in Bengali families carry unique significance. Despite the presence of craze for trendy fashionables, we like to turn back to ethnicity in such occasions. Amidst various ethnic wears, names of various saris are heard from all corners. The center of attraction is, of course, the bride-wear and discussions hover around the different saris that she has planned to wear for the entire pre-wedding observations. And, definitely, the main wear, the Red Benarasi Sari.

Benarasi saris have become an automatic choice for every marriage ceremony held in any Bengali family. Bengalis are akin to return to the basic trend of life during holistic occasions, be it Durga Puja or a marriage ceremony. And, these attires have an imbibed quality that has helped these to acquire a fashion which is absolutely ethnic. Due to wide acceptability, sari makers also require to design these saris with adaptability to fit every pocket. Due to such customization, these saris are available in various price ranges. Saree retailers in Kolkata sell a piece of Benarasi sari in prices that range from Rs. 2000 and Rs. 2, 00,000. The innate beauty of any maiden comes out with its best when adorning in a silk or Katan Benarasi sari. The capacity to represent a simple looking girl with artistic and queenly beauties has made this attire an authentic symbol for Bengali Matrimonies.

Benarasi saris are considered as the real carrier of the essence of Bengali weddings. These beautiful and ethnic wears are thought to carry out the customs of families and thus their daughters are adorned in Benarasi saris during the time of wedding.

Silk saree retailers in Kolkata consider Katan silk Benarasi saris as best selling among different varieties. These saris are woven up with fine silk and golden zari threads whose combination imparts the attires with the desired aesthetics. Normally, a span of 15 days to 1 month is required in crafting a Benarasi sari in a standard design.

The traditional pattern has also made Benarasi saris superbly matched with golden ornaments. Brides are required to put on various ornaments made from gold on this day. These types of gold ornaments are seen to bear extreme coordination with Benarasi saris and complement the attire.