The sari is easy to wear – and can be worn by anyone

There is a myth that it is a difficult task to wear a saree. But its just the opposite for those who wear it many a times in a day.

Saree is also considered to be a symbol of dignity and elegance.

The sari is the means of earning of the Indian handloom weavers

According to the statistics, handloom industry in India is the bread and butter for many weavers. They weave various types of sarees. From them the Saree retailers in Kolkata purchase sarees and sale to the Indian women which they consider as their priced possession.

A sari can be draped over 100 ways

If you are planning to wear a saree but don’t know how to drape it , just search the internet. It will show you hundred ways of draping a saree.

Most of the drape styles are regional- specific and just like food and language in India , the drapes are a result of context, geography and function.

The sari and its place in society is actively being discussed and questioned

During the pre-independence era, many foreign invaders have affected our culture, choice of dresses being one of them. But nowadays, western wear and salwar kameez among the Indian wear are high on the trend. The reason being easy to use and comfortable. Sarees are kept aside for special occasions.

Saris have emotional value

Saris often evoke a feeling of nostalgia and memory, associating certain saris with particular moments or incidents, or with the memory of your loved ones. Saris are often passed down from one generation to the next, as part of a wedding trousseau.

Varieties and colours of sarees are infinite

Availability of sarees are many in terms of colour , material and style. As per the budget and choice of the consumers, Indian sarees cover a wide range. From ethnic to fancy, from light to dark colours, from tant to banarasi, sarees are varied in collections. Silk saree retailers in Kolkata are also very popular.

Whatever may be the scenario, still now majority of the Indian women find it to be a matter of pride to stock their closet with the choicest sarees.