Do you need a reason to wear a saree? Well, not necessarily!

Have you ever fallen in love with a saree at first sight? Couldn’t turn it into an outfit due to the lack of the right occasion? Well, wearing saree needs no occasion. It basically goes well with every mood and moment.

However, if you feel the lack of a fab blouse piece, we got it. Been there, done that.

Here is our secret solution for all the saree – loving souls- Next time you are stuck in an I-have-no-matching-blouse dead-end, consider your go-to white shirt as a blouse!

Yes, you read that right. Shop anything from your favorite designer saree shop in Kolkata and pair it up with the white-shirt tucked in your closet!

Steal The Thunder With A Stole:

Ever heard of the perfect combination of classy and chic? The magic happens when you drape your pallu like a stole over your white shirt. Moreover, this drape ensures that comfort comes hand-in-hand with elegance.

Keep It, Royal:

Are you obsessed with Aishwarya Rai’s look in Devdas? it is a front-runner without a doubt! Bring out your inner royal fashionista with this look and top it with a pair of junk earrings.

When You Love A Classic Drape:

A classic saree drape never goes out of style. Especially, when it’s coupled with a classic full-sleeve shirt, it gets more experimental. Be it, anyone, with the collection of top saree retailers in Kolkata, the classic drape works with every type of saree.

When Trend Meets Tradition:

Do you love experimenting with saree draping styles? Are you on the search for a bizarre twist to add to your saree? How about wearing your saree like a Manipuri style dhoti with your white shirt? You are going to end up turning heads. Guaranteed.

Pro Tip: Sport your favorite sneakers to add up more kink!

Vibe Of A Lahenga:

Have you decided to attend your cousin’s destination wedding? Can’t decide between a saree and a lehenga? Here’s how to solve both the purpose without a doubt. Drape your saree pallu like that of a lehenga and steal the spotlight at any occasion.

Why Should You Wear Saree?

Because why not? Saree is not just another costume in your wardrobe, it’s a lifestyle. It is the only clothing left unbiased in this ever judgemental world. Hopefully, this blog gives you more reason to buy more designer sarees in Kolkata.