Pottery has been classified among the most archetypal regional art elements present in India. The natural delicate beauty and stylish features has made this as trendy pattern of décor. Emblems made with this fine art style have also obtained in the antiquities found in Indus Civilization. This art has a unique place in the mind of Asian people and the intricacies have also found place in the minds of people in the rest of the world.


Evidences of pottery have been found in the various artifacts found during Vedic, Indus and Mughal period. Pottery in its rustic form is found in Vedic period; these artworks were found in handmade and unpainted form. The pots constructed to store water and kitchen utensils were also manufactured by utilizing pottery skills.

Indus valley civilization saw bit uplift in the skills of pottery while Neolithic age works has shown us the use of clay in artifacts. Use of colors in creature clay models has also been started during this period. Increase in demand has induced many people to choose the art of making pottery items as regular profession.

With the rise of technological expertise, these artifacts have started to create demand in international markets too. Potteries in red polished form are abundantly available in various places of Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal. Mughal emperors have also contributed in the flourish of this art. They have encouraged the potters from Persia, Central and Middle East to come and settle in India.

Modern Pottery

Pottery in modern India has been named as Terracotta painting and Orissa has become the brand ambassador of this particular artifact called Terracotta handicrafts. These are also made in other places of India and are popular gift items. You can find these in many gift item shops in Gariahat. Now-a-days, this has become as one of the principal source of earning for many Indians. Terracotta has been included in the course curriculum of interior designing and sculpture painting. Potteries, in their current format, has become trendy in design and decorates traditional Indian homes. The handicraft items have been able to create a warm ambiance within homes.