Gold is prized for the non-reactive properties when used in Jewellery. It is a metal that never rusts or tarnished after being exposed to air and water. Gold, though basically is an inert metal, but the smallest particles of Gold can enhance the speed of a chemical reaction. The process of oxidation makes the metal fading, leaving an exceptional look. The oxidized jewelries made with these oxidized metals are gaining popularity for their antique finish.

Researchers observe that oxidized jewelries have returned to Kolkata this Puja with the intrigued charm and finer craftsmanship. Oxidized silver has a tendency to harmonize with any skin; this helps in enhancing the look of the wearer. The increasing popularity has also given rise to various innovative designs. In an attempt to cope up with the rising demand, Mrignayani has also came forward with a huge collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelries. These designs are also available at cost-effective rates. All the designs have made trendy and fashionable in order to match the expectation of the Gen X people.

We have initiated the use of oxidized texts or engraved designs on pendants, bracelets and bangles made with gold or silver. Such use of Artificial Jewellery designs has hiked the style and help in having an enhanced look and classy appearance. Various innovative designs are even made on various oxidized jewelries. These include religious icons, pendants in animal designs and shapes and so forth. These designs have already shown their wonders in this Puja as emblems of fashionable trends.

Each member of the Bengali families traditionally likes to stay extremely perfect from hair tip to the nails of the feet during Durga Puja. As a consequence, specialized outfit are designed every year to curve out the best from each person, either be a male or a female. Jewelries play important role in the observation of this fabulous occasion.

Let us consider some of the jewelries meant for the occasion:

Various Durga Puja collections

German Pendant Necklace:

This particular form of Artificial Jewellery has become trendy among users in Kolkata for its lightweight and inexpensive features. It has been made with German silver. The product has shown it’s befit for festive occasions and is among the popular collections for the upcoming Durga Puja too. German pendants are available in fancy and designer pieces. Pendant necklaces are offered with gold plating too.

Jhumka Earrings:

These earrings help in enhancing look with the inherent fashionable twist. Through bringing a perfect match with Ghagra or Kurti, the set of rings is capable to impart feminine look to the user. A push back closure offers the security. The product is elegant, lightweight and inexpensive.

Long Earrings:

This is more popularly known as Kaan Pasha, and is one of the authentic ear cuffs. It takes the shape of ear and is equipped with minute crafted descriptions. The beautiful structure is able to bring a royal look in women.

Long necklace:

This type of necklace is mainly worn by married females, though it works well for others too. Various forms of this necklace are available and each one is made commensurate with a particular age group. The necklace works well when the user wears a sari.

Stretched necklace:

It is commonly known as Sita Haar and a must worn for married women from traditional Bengali family. This type of necklace is best matched with saris and thus is mostly worn by married women.


Our collection of Oxidized Jewelries includes bangles with a variety of designs. These bangles have been designed for people at various stages of their life. Thus, our pieces are sure to befit females of all ages. Our team of experts has already made bangles with engraved designs on them. The designs already available with us have also been popular among the young people.