With the markets flooded with power loom sarees, we cannot help but sometimes crave for buying an authentic Handloom sarees in Kolkata. You can’t always tell a handloom saree from power loom one. So, your safest bet would be to buy the saree from a reputed saree stores.

In this blog, we have listed down 4 of our favorite types of handloom sarees. Many saree retailers in Kolkata have a beautiful collection of these saree. Therefore, here it goes:

Tussar Silk Saree

Also known as Wild silk, the thread of tussar silk is made out of the tread obtained from a wide-winded moth. It is known for its yellow-greyish color and rich texture. This silk originates in the eastern part of India, mostly Jharkhand and Bihar. Bhagalpuri Tussar is extremely famous across the globe. Because of its porous density, Tussar silk is ideal for summer. Tussar silk sarees are also comparatively cheaper than mulberry silk.

Benarasi Silk Saree

A benarasi saree is a form of pride for any saree lover in India. Whether a red benarasi to be worn at your own wedding or a colourful one for any auspicious occasion. A benarasi saree will lighten-up the whole room. Because of their extensive zari-work, benarasi saree can be a little bit expensive. But trust me it is worth it. After all, benarasi fabric is also called the robe of the gods.

Chandrani Silk Saree

Adored by people across the globe, this saree had been mentioned in the Vedas. This is the saree Lord Krishna gifted his cousin, Shishupal. The fabric is so light that chanderi silk is also known as woven air. Its transparent texture and sheerness make it stand out from the crowd. Chanderi sarees were originally woven with handspun cotton yarn that has as fine as 300 counts. Due to its light-weight and low maintenance, chanderi silk saree are a favorite of working women. Find the best collection among a reputed chanderi saree retailer in Kolkata.

Baluchari Saree

Once worn only by upper-class women and landlord families, Baluchari Saree has become a symbol of pride for Bengal. What makes a baluchari saree stand out from the crowd is its motifs. The pallu is adorned by the depiction of various mythological scenes. This gives Baluchari saree its own uniqueness and style. This saree is mostly produced in Murshidabad and Bishnupur. One saree can take upto a week to be produced. So much hard work is finally paid off by the jaw-dropping end product.

There you have it, our choice of handloom saree. To get the best collection of Handloom saree, visit our store.