You can hardly find a better alternative to saree. Saree has its own grandeur that you can never expect from any other outfit. However, while wearing this beautiful Indian attire, you need to take care of some important factors. Also, if not draped properly, saree can be literally disastrous.

Here Are Some Things That You Should Avoid At Any Cost If You Really Want To Be The Showstopper.

  • Wearing Wrong Footwear

Wedges or platform heels never complement a saree while slippers can literally spoil the whole look. Flats may be tried out if you need to use public transport. When wearing a saree, stilettos and high heels go just perfect. In fact, these go absolutely gorgeous while making you look taller and slimmer.

  • Dressing In Heavy Jewellery

Overdose of bling to set off your saree is not always required. Though it will draw attention but not in a good way. Instead of heavy jewellery, choose delicate ones like thin bracelet, subtle earrings and sleek chain with a pendant – these are all so classy. They would accentuate your look and appearance. These would make you look young as well.

  • Matching The Occasion Unsuitably

This is another big mistake that you must not make and keep yourself from being ridiculous. You might have your favourite set of sarees. But wearing them irrespective of occasion is never recommended. For example, you shouldn’t wear dull, light-weight saree for formal functions like wedding or anniversary party. On the other hand, you should avoid wearing fine shimmery fabric in an office party.

  • Experimenting With The Style

Different styles of saree draping are in trend. This is even more in vogue for designer as well as South Indian silk, Benarasi, Kosa silk from Kosa Saree Showroom. But if you don’t know how to perfectly adopt a saree following a style that might be tempting to try on yourself, refrain. Badly draped saree can result in wardrobe malfunction. You may better get help from some who is well aware of the art of draping saree in different attractive styles.

  • Wearing Odd-Looking Blouse

Don’t wear very tight or revealing blouses if you don’t have an attractive body. Until you can bring your body to a good shape, better you avoid them. Also you shouldn’t wear a loosely fitted blouse.

  • Choosing Flared Petticoat

They are a big no-no. Flared petticoat may make you shapeless and bulky. Also it will make it difficult for you to manage saree. So it will be good to wear plain and properly fitted petticoat.

  • Using Lots Of Aides

Though use of pins while wearing a saree is common, you need to manage those pins as well. Make sure you can manage them all. Hide the pins behind fabric so they don’t show up. Also don’t use too many pins, especially on a delicate saree so it doesn’t get torn apart.

These are just a few mistakes that women often make while wearing a saree from a Designer Saree Showroom. Avoid these mistakes and enjoy your look in saree, any day…any time.