Your saree’s tag says ‘Dry Clean Only’.

What you have bought is an exclusive, delicate and gorgeous saree. Hang on; it is a handloom saree, right?

And here comes the biggest concern. What is the best way to look after your handloom saree so that it never loses its shine?

Kolkata traditional sarees

especially the kanjeevaram, pathini, heirloom, chanderi, patola, kalamkari, and pat silk need utmost tenderness and love.

You attend a party and the red wine stain on the pallu giving you heartattack. Though your saree’s tag recommends dry cleaning, you can easily wash a handloom saree. In the previous blog, you got the insight into removing a stain from your handloom saree. This blog talks about the after-steps.

How To Dry Your Handloom Saree After Washing It?

First of all, you need lots of patience, to begin with. Taking care of your handloom saree takes time.

  • Try to dry your precious handloom sarees underneath some shade so that it is not getting exposed to sunlight. Too much sunlight fades out the original color.

  • Do not go by the television ads where they show women squeezing their sarees. The moment you are wringing it, you are ruining its glory.

  • Saree retailers in Kolkata recommend drying your sarees on a flat surface, unlike what you have been doing for years.

Do not mix sarees of different fabric. In particular, when it is a hand-woven saree, you should take special care of it. Even if one of the cloths bleeds, the other one will suffer.

When Drying Your Saree Is Not Enough!

You need to iron your handloom saree after washing it. If you are a regular saree wearer, you should surely invested in a steam press.

  • Medium to low heat is recommended while you are ironing your signature pieces.

  • Have you been spraying water on your saree before ironing it? That is what causes the ugly and permanent marks on the fabric.

  • No matter how carefully you iron your saree, there are creases left every time. Keep your saree on a cotton cloth or an ironing board before pressing it to say no to creases.

How To Store A Saree In The Right Way?

Do you mind walking the extra mile for your favorite saree? A light cotton muslin cloth is your ultimate savior. Wrap it around your saree and it will let your handloom breath. Also, never store your sarees in a pile or they will stick to each other. Plus, store your saree when it has dried. Otherwise, moisture will damage the delicate fabric.

Buying a handloom saree from a saree showroom in Kolkata, needs no reason. You need to know the right ways to take care of it.