We, Indian, love our Handloom sarees. Whether it is a silk Chanderi saree, an oh-so-gorgeous Benarasi or a heavenly Ekkat, we love them with all our hearts. 9 yards of sheer elegance that turns us into a lady.

But maintenance of these jewels can be very problematic. Especially Kolkata traditional saree require a certain level of maintenance due to the humid weather, nature of the fabric, etc. Therefore, we have dedicated few blogs on the discussion regarding the maintenance of handloom sarees in general.

Stain Removal

Who is the biggest enemy of a fabric? The answer is ‘stains’. Be it an all-too-familiar ketchup stain or a nasty mark left from a pen, we hate them. A small dot of discoloration will shift the focus from you completely to itself. Who would want that? Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss 5 most common types of Stain Removal process


We are only humans and we make mortal mistakes such as washing two different-colored sarees or blouses together. And not so surprising, sometimes dye from one saree seeps into the other one. Act quickly. Soak the affected saree in water and sodium hydrosulfite or hydrochloride. You can find these chemicals in several detergents in India.


This is all of our nightmares. We are all too familiar with the stain of blood. Sometimes, due to overflow, we might stain our dearly beloved handloom sarees while sitting or during heavy activities. Soak the saree in cold water for an hour. Use a very mild detergent and rub it with your finger. Remember, never use hot water for treating blood. Your beloved handloom saree will be ruined forever.

Fruits and Juice Stain

Don’t we hate it when while eating any berry or fruit juice at a wedding, some of it just falls off and lands in our cloths? A gorgeous tant saree now completely ruined by the stain. Many saree retailer in Kolkata will tell you to throw it away. Fear not, dish soap solution and hydrogen peroxide will come to your rescue. Wash it gently with hand and dry it in the shade. Repeat if necessary.


Wearing a saree isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For some of you, it might mean a lot of hard work. And what comes with handwork? Sweat. Mostly through our underarms, it tends to ruin our beloved blouse. The solution is ‘vinegar’. Mix vinegar with an equal amount of water and gently soak the blouse.

Handloom sarees are delicate saree, unlike the power loom version. Never use brute force with it. Whatever you do, handle it gently and with great care. Also, make sure that the chemical or detergent you are using is safe and not very strong. You have spent a lot on buying these from various saree showroom in Kolkata. Handle with care.