Do you love sarees made from luxurious fabrics? Are you planning to buy ethnic wear which depict the rich cultural Indian heritage? Purchasing a beautiful Maheswari saree from a reputed retailer can be your most informed decision.

Ever since time immemorial, the quintessential saree is the favourite canvas for weavers all over the country. India is home to the best handloom fabric traditions worldwide. And, one such famous handcrafted textile is the Maheswari handloom, loved widely for its sophistication and fineness. These sarees are the epitome of artistic mastery by weavers. Women of every age group prefer these sarees.

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Glorious History

The Maheswari saree gets its name from Maheswar, the place of its origin in Madhya Pradesh. It is a small town situated on the banks of River Narmada. The saree dates back its history to the 18th century when Queen Ahilyabai Holkar ruled the state.

It is said that the Queen brought in artisans from the nearby cities to get a unique saree designed for her own. Thus, Maheswari sarees came into being. The sarees which the weavers produced eventually gained popularity among royal circles and later spread throughout India. Initially made in silk, they were later replaced by cotton, considering the practicality and cost of the saree.


Importance Of The Maheswari Sarees

Originally, Maheswari sarees were made for the Royal families. They were used for gifting special guests who attended the Royal court. Gradually, they were made accessible to the common women with cotton replacing the luxurious silk.

These are among the most classy, stunning and elegant looking drapes in India. Available in both vibrant and bold colours, they can bring the best out of any woman. Since these sarees are lightweight, they are ideal for India’s hot climatic conditions.

Fabrics Used

These royal sarees are produced using a range of natural fabrics like cotton and silk. Silk is the preferred option for weddings, festivals and other special occasions. On the other hand, cotton varieties are the ideal choice for any time of the year. You can wear cotton Maheswari sarees whenever you want owing to the comfort and style they offer.

Varieties Of Maheswari Silk Saree

The style variation of Maheswari sarees is among the most exciting aspects of this traditional attire. Each of these styles is entirely distinct from the other and has their own name. While some are plain in the middle, others have checks and stripes in several combinations. The five most popular categories of these sarees are – Chandakala, Parbi, Baigani Chandakala, Beli and Chanratara.

How To Style Your Maheswari Saree?

  • Zari sarees can be accessorised with gold ornaments to bring in a WOW factor.
  • Plain sarees can be adorned with heavy statement pieces along with any modern blouse.
  • Choose a handloom tote or clutch to complete your look.

Quickly grab some beautiful Maheswari sarees and be the centre of attention wherever you go!