Saree is the attire that defines Indian beauty at its best. Nine yards of an exquisitely designed saree wraps the body of a woman in style and grandeur. Handloom sarees, handcrafted with skilled care, are bestsellers in the market. Maheshwari sarees is an elegant handloom saree that finds loyal buyers in both the national and international market. Maheswari fabric, in bright palette and beautiful patterns, is shipped to international territories of the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

The Royal Tale of Maheswaris

India is a gorgeous country with a rich tradition of most beautiful fabric originating from its royal heritage. Every handloom saree created in India has a rich and royal tale to tell. A Maheswari saree is no exception.

The Maheswari saree is the quintessential pride of the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). This ethnic piece of saree derives its name from the city of Maheshwar in Khargone district in MP.

Maheshwar had been the capital of the Malwa during the reign of the Maratha Holkar dynasty. History of this lovely saree dates back to the days of Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar in the 18th century. Under her royal patronage, skilled artisans from Surat and Malwa created one of the most famous handloom sarees of all time – the Maheshwari.

The beauty of Maheshwari – Crafted with Care

The beauty of a Maheswari saree lies in its pallu, which is designed in bright hues of pink, magenta, mauve, green, yellow, blue, orange and maroon. Pallus are unique with five stark stripes – out of which there are two white stripes and three other stripes of alternating colours. Reversible border (bugdi) is the star attraction of the saree – you can wear a Maheshwari saree on either side.

Golden or silver threads are used to design elegant motifs on the body, border and pallu of these sarees to enhance their appeal. The designs and motifs of Maheshwari are inspired from the décor and wall detailing of royal palaces, forts and grand temples of Madhya Pradesh.

Indian Saree

Few popular designs that will make you fall in love with these sarees are:

  • Chattai (mat) pattern
  • ChamelikaPhool pattern
  • Eent (brick) pattern
  • Heera (Diamond) pattern

Maheshwari sarees are perfect for both young and aged women because of their unique blend of graceful elegance and simplicity. The finest part of these sarees is that they are lightweight and airy; this makes Maheshwari perfect wear for all seasons in India.

The spectrum of Maheshwari sarees include:

  • Chandrakala
  • Baingani Chandrakala
  • Chandratara
  • Beli
  • Parbi

The first two forms of sarees are plain in look; the latter three are designed in stripes, checks and floral patterns. Traditionally, Maheshwaris have been designed with silk yarns. Modern alternatives have come up – like cotton, silk cotton and wool. This beautiful fabric has won hearts of the saree aficionados and is also used for designing shirts, kurtas, dupattas and stoles

Maheshwari saree was initially designed as royal gifts. You can gift them or buy for yourself at Mrignayani Emporium. This emporium showcases an eclectic collection of unique handloom sarees, including Maheshwari sarees in simple weaves or the ones patterned with zari, kinari and gemstone work. Mrignayani is operated by MP Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. in Kolkata.